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Image Copyright: VoladoDesign

Bugatti Venom Concept by Volado Design

An interesting concept for Bugatti Venom by Volada Design is presented here. Check out the details on concept car and video after the jump.

Bugatti Venom Concept demonstrates the possibility of a conclusive model, which could contribute to the future expansion of Bugatti’s lineup. This new model would compete against high-end sports cars of its class. In addition, the Venom would stir up the market and raise competition with its unique styling, state-of-the-art technology and sophisticated engineering. This vehicle tastefully flows with its clean, sleek lines and curves. The front hosts a set of mildly aggressive bi-xenon headlights and ultra bright LED technology used for the turn signals and daytime running lights. The headlights are finished off with carbon fiber cooling vents that flow toward the center of the vehicle. Large air ducts located below - engineered to maximize cooling when the vehicle reaches high speeds. The lower lip is composed of light carbon fiber to enhance appearance and contribute to delivering additional down force to the vehicle. The signature grill has been restyled to flow gracefully with all surrounding design elements. The side of the vehicle has large air vents flowing alongside the curvature of the door into the bottom portion of the car. The rear of the vehicle gives off a muscularly aggressive presence. The bottom portion of the rear bumper is fully composed of carbon fiber, housing dual titanium exhaust tips. The tail lights are sleek, wide, and contain ultra bright LED technology for lightning fast results. Underneath the lights are both large and small air vents, specifically designed for maximum engine cooling. As a whole, the Bugatti Venom results in a unique blend of emotion, passion and beauty.

Bugatti Venom Concept by Volado Design


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