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Bad Boy Vettes are back @ Lime Rock

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The boys over at are back with a new video. If you remember, they were there at LeMans with an Canon SD500 digital camera mounted to the hood of the Corvette C6R race car a couple of weeks ago. This time, they're back for a practice lap at Lime Rock. Dan over at BadBoyVettes sent me an email notifying us of their new footage.

"Hey guys. Last time we had an "On-Car" camera you guys picked up on it so I figured I'd let you know that there's a new one up from the ALMS race this past weekend at Lime Rock.

It's a little different because we couldnt spend another $300 ruining a camera by putting it on the outside, but it's pretty cool, check it out:"

You guys are insane! Keep it up! Oh and awesome logo by the way.


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Bad Boy Vettes are back @ Lime Rock


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