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Aston DB-ONE, sorta

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This design study by independent car designer Ruben Vela points to what future Aston Martins could be like. Taking traditional design cues from current Astons, like the front grill and the long hood, Ruben has created a very sleek and stunning update. His goal was to invoke dynamism even when parked. His use of sharp creases with smooth curved shapes reminds me of BMW's current design style but done right. Continue reading for more pictures..


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Aston-Martin-DB-ONE-rendering-1-lg.jpg Aston-Martin-DB-ONE-rendering-3-lg.jpg Aston-Martin-DB-ONE-rendering-5-lg.jpg Aston-Martin-DB-ONE-rendering-6-lg.jpg Aston-Martin-DB-ONE-rendering-7-lg.jpg

Rubén Vela has a Master Degree in Automotive Design (2004-2006, Polytechnic University - Valencia, Spain) and an Industrial Design degree (2000-2004) at U.P.V. (Politecnic University of Valladolid - Valladolid, Spain).

In 2005 he has won the first prize in the VIII Nissan Design Contest with the Nova Concept.


Aston DB-ONE, sorta


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