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2008 Exotic Cars High Resolution Wallpapers

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2008 Exotic Car Wallpapers


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[Source: Top Gear]


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2008 was a good year for supercars. A very good year, in fact. From four-door Lambos to American muscle that actually goes round corners, we’ve been treated to a whole bunch of insanely fast, insanely expensive metal that proves the supercar is far from on its last legs. In fact, it’s healthier than ever.

Here’s some of our favourite supercar stuff from the past 12 months. Click on the blue bits and appease your need for, er, speed…

Lamborghini LP560-4: Or ‘the new Gallardo’, as it’s better known. Faster, harder, pointier and still just slightly unhinged…

Ferrari F430 Scuderia Spider: A drop-top version of an ultra-lightweight supercar? Confusing, yes, but just imagine the noise…

Rolls Phantom Coupe: They call it the ‘sporty Rolls’. Which is an oxymoron like ‘benevolent dictator’, we think. Jaw-dropping in every sense.

Aston Martin One-77: Only 77 of Aston’s million-quid supercars will ever be built. Let’s club together and get one, hey?

Lamborghini Estoque: We thought a four-door Lambo might look a bit, well, un-Lambo-like. And then we saw the Estoque…

Caterham Levante: A 500bhp Caterham with twice the power-to-weight ratio of a Bugatti Veyron? Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Pagani Zonda R: It’s the last ever Zonda, so it’s only fair that the R is the fastest and most expensive iteration of the mad Italian hypercar…

Corvette ZR1: Top Gear’s supercar of the year… and proof that the Americans can build a proper fast car.

Merc SLR Speedster: Quite simply one of the coolest things we’ve ever seen. How does 217mph with no windscreen sound to you?

Audi R8 V10: Audi’s brilliant supercar gets the big V10 out of the Gallardo. Let the sibling rivalry commence…

2008 Exotic Cars High Resolution Wallpapers


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