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1000hp monster on ebay. Who wants to die first?

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What The Hell is this thing?!?! It looks bad ass!! And I think I would probably survive 2.2 seconds if I drove it. Read on for all the details.

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Vehicle Description

Street Legal (most states) Open Wheel, Mid Engine, Big Block Chevy

What can I say other than it's wicked fast and a total blast to drive.  You need to be a GREAT
driver to handle a machine with just under 1000 HP.

I'm more concerned with this car going to someone that can care for it and maintain it than just the total dollars of the sale.  So before you bid, please call me so we can talk about the car to see if the two of you fit each other.

There is nothing wrong with the car other than I'm getting too old to handle this much machine any longer.  It has a small drip from the tailshaft, no big deal.

The car is powered by a big block Chevy, fully rolled, with 13:1 pistons.  It has all the best inside including World aluminum, rectangular port heads, big valves, and roller everything inside.... cam, lifters, rockers.  MSD ignition.  Fuel cells.  Will run fine on 93 octane but really runs strong on 100 octane.

Seats two people... yes, you can scare the crap out of your girlfriend.  The car was built in South Florida and has a clear Florida title.  I currently have the car in Tucson, Arizona as I live back and forth between FL and AZ.  I can deliver the car for a fee... and would gladly cover the car in detail.

The rear suspension, half shafts, diff, and brakes are all Corvette.  Getting parts is a piece of cake.  Front suspension is A-arm, with coil overs.  Willwood calipers and rotors up front.

Trans is a special built TH-400 with reverse valve body so you pull the shifter back... you need this because it accelerates pretty hard.  It is also a MANUAL shift, but with no clutch.
Whatever gear you put it in, that's the gear it stays in.  So if you want to start off in second
because the police are behind you and you don't want to smoke the tires... you can.

The car is built so a driver between 5'-6" and 6' fits best.  If you are taller, you would need to make so mods to the cockpit.  The cockpit has endless gauges, a few of which I never hooked up.. trans temp etc.  They are there... just need to be wired in.

The car is very reliable... it's a Chevy.  Turn the key and it fires right up... It drives like a big go-kart.  Second gear is breathtaking as it hooks up good by then and pulls like a freight train.

Now for the bad news... It's not on here for every Tom Dick and Harry to come take a ride.
I'm not here to explain how to build another one, how to copy it, so no, I'm not sending you my blueprints.  I won't sell it to some rich 16 year old kid that wants to be the baddest on his block.  I sold a race bike to a kid like that once who died 3 days later.

I'm looking for someone that appreciates a unique muscle car, and will pamper and care for the car.  It's a blast to cruise in and won't overheat.  When I'm in Florida with it, I take it down to South Beach, and the car is completely mobbed by people.  It stops people dead in their tracks.  Everyone will want pics, want to sit in it, want a ride... 

I have had some of the best times of my life with this... now it's someone elses turn.

1000hp monster on ebay. Who wants to die first?


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