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Cars > Bentley > Vorsteiner BR-10 Bentley Continental Coupe 2012

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Image Copyright: Vorsteiner

Vorsteiner BR-10 Bentley Continental Coupe 2012 Review

Vorsteiner has revealed details about their new 2012 BR-10 edition model which is based on the standard 2012 Bentley Continental GT series. Vorsteiner have enhanced the aerodynamic ability of the already well designed Bentley Continental model to give birth to the extremely classy BR-10.

One of the most striking features of this coupe is the sporty looking front spoiler with a central carbon splitter that also improves the aerodynamic performance. It also provides a small down force at the front end and also improves the air flow to the radiators. The down force is further enhanced by utilizing carbon fiber side skirts which helps to keep the car stable at high speeds. The ground clearance of the BR-10 is quite lower (around 40 mm) than that of the Bentley Continental. The BR-10 model features an improved body framework as it employs the use of 5-piece carbon fiber aerodynamic package which reduces the weight of the car and has been built with revolutionary pre-preg autoclave technology.

Vorsteiner have put a lot of effort into perfecting the aerodynamic aspect of the Bentley and installed upgrades that drastically improve the performance of the sports car. This is quite evident from the rear portion which is fitted with a carbon fiber diffuser that also gives the coupe a race car look. Dual aerodynamic fin extensions are also provided with the rear diffuser which combined with taillights give the coupe an elegant look. The Michelin PS2 tires on 22-ich 5-spoke Aluminium alloy VS-130 wheels also accentuate the sporty look of the BR-10 Bentley Continental GT while providing best performance on all roads. The worthy contenders for BR-10 to look after are the Mercedes CLS and Porsche Panamera GTS when it becomes available.

Vorsteiner BR-10 Bentley Continental Coupe 2012


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