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Volvo C30 Electric 2012 Review

Volvo has brought good news for car and environment lovers alike with the introduction of the 2012 Volvo C30 Electric. The use of electricity as the main source of propulsion gives this three-door hatchback a whole new extension. The car and its engine has been designed in such a way that even with electric propulsion, the car shows excellent stability at high speeds, thus ensuring a smoother long drive experience.

If we take a look on the exteriors of this car, we’d find that Volvo didn’t take any chance with the bodystyling of the car. While the front of the car alone is enough to give this hatchback a sporty look, the futuristic headlamps of the car imparts a rather luxurious touch to it.

On the other hand, the interior of the car too have been made equally luxurious with the inclusion of unconventional instrumentation and spacious leg and head rooms. The interiors feature classy and contrasting leather seats and two different displays, viz. central information screen & combined dial display. The displays practically give a feedback on the speed, energy consumption and battery charge status.

If we take a look at the engine specifications of the car, we’d find that the car features a 24kWh battery power pack at the usual fuel-tank location, an electric motor capable of producing 111HP power with a peak torque of 220Nm, and a 400V high-voltage system. The battery pack of the car has a charging time of eight-hours using a 13A household socket.

Moreover, at the usual gear-lever location, the car features a chrome lever for forward, reverse and neutral selection. Top speed of this vehicle has been kept at 80miles/hour. On a single charge of its batteries, the car can travel a distance of 93 miles without releasing any carbon into the atmosphere.

Volvo C30 Electric 2012


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