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Volkswagen New Beetle 2010

Volkswagen very proudly announced its two models under the tag, ‘New Beetle 2010’, one being the New Beetle Coupe 2010 and another, New Beetle Convertible Final Editions. Being particular the most attractive part in these two models from Volkswagen is the unique styling and unmatched characteristics. These models assure you gaining eye balls while you are over a ride on the streets. Let us see what features and specs it holds with it.



  • Length: 161.1 in
  • Width: 59.4 in (Front) 58.8 in (Rear)
  • Height: 59 in
  • Wheelbase: 98.9 in
  • Ground Clearance: 4.6 in


  • Engine: 2.5 Liter inline five-cylinder gasoline
  • Horsepower: 150 hp
  • Torque: 230 Nm
  • Estimated EPA: 20 mpg (City) 29 mpg (Highway)

Now let us have a descriptive look at the interior, exterior and performance stats of the Volkswagen New Beetle 2010.


Since the day Volkswagen fable started it hardly brought any changes in its looks. This definitely is a positive remark for the company that with its legacy it has good hold in today’s growing automobile industry. Both the variants are loaded with the basic features like the Navigation, audio system in a neat and clean ambience. The interior stands at the saddle keeping the basic teenager or an aged driver’s look. This simply implies that either you can plan a long ride with your partner or if you need some solace then silence is what you might find in its interior.


As far as Exterior is concerned as mentioned earlier it’s just the color you and the convertible factor that changes the models, rest all remains same. Oh Yes!! This includes functions and features related to the convertible and coupe differentiation as well. The Volkswagen New Beetle 2010 Coupe comes with special Aquarius Blue painted body and black roof on top while the Volkswagen New Beetle convertible stands upright with dual tone Aquarius Blue and Campanella White paint scheme with the white convertible top. The coupe also holds individually numbered badges and front bumper integrated with fog lights. Also both these models hold 17 inch alloy wheels, which not only add to the performance factor but also add to the looks of both these models.


As we mentioned earlier Volkswagen New Beetle 2010 editions are not for the racers or those seeking brisk performance, the models are for those who want comfort and day to day travel. Both the models hold 2.5 liter inline five cylinder engine producing 150 hp and 230 nm of torque mated to six speed automatic transmission. The driver also has the option to choose the gear, this he can do by tapping the selector up or down. Sounds comfortable enough to us and we are sure the same goes with you as well. Both the models are equipped with the Electronic Stabilization Program assuring safe driving in all weather conditions.

As far as Price of Volkswagen Beetle Coupe and Volkswagen Beetle Convertible are concerned the models will be available for $20,240 and $27,170 respectively.

Volkswagen New Beetle 2010


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