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By Ketan Patel

Volkswagen Golf GTI Black Dynamic 2012 Review

The GTI Festival at Wörthersee in Austria is one of Volkswagen's favorite events as they reveal new projects to the fans on a yearly basis. This year, the German carmaker revealed the Volkswagen Golf GTI Black Dynamic 2012, a tuned version of the GTI, built with care and great attention to details.

In fact, unlike other models previously exhibited, the new GTI Black has been designed by a team of nine Volkswagen apprentices that worked for seven months in order to get the custom GTI to the finish line. Although the apprentices were supervised by their trainers, the project has been entirely designed by these young enthusiasts.

What they've created is a soulful Golf GTI that boasts a lot more power than the standard model, and by that I mean a lot more! On short, the Black Dynamic sports a tuned 2.0 liter TSI engine coupled with a modified six-speed DSG gearbox in order to deliver 355 horsepower, 147 more (and almost double) than what you'd get from a standard GTI.

Nevertheless, the modifications brought in by the team of apprentices are not limited to the engine and gearbox, the GTI Black Dynamic boasting a new 76 mm supersized exhaust system, a set of 19 inches Barracuda ET 41 8J19 wheels on 255/35 ZR19 tires, a front bumper taken straight from the European GTI Edition 35, K-Sport brake system featuring 380 mm disk brakes and eight pistons and a new suspension system that lowers the ride by 35 mm, all wrapped in a body painted with a special "Deep Black Metallic" color featuring honeycomb-pattern graphics on the doors.

On the interior the attention to details is predominant and shows the enthusiasm of the team behind the project. The seats, door trims, steering and roof lining are covered inAlcantara, and hand-painted "GTI" lettering is to be found on the door panels and hatch. Furthermore, a Focal Utopia Sound system that sends 1,800 W of power to nine speakers is to be found in the boot covered by Plexiglas, and an Alpine sound processer has been fitted under the driver's seat. Unfortunately, the only downside is that the boot is now almost useless due to the sound system, a feature that received a mixed bag of opinions, obviously.

The price and dates have not been revealed by Volkswagen, but we hope to see the Golf GTI Black Dynamic 2012 on the streets soon.

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Black, dynamic, unique: The Golf GTI Black Dynamic

Nine Volkswagen apprentices create a black-and-red powerhouse

World premiere at 31st GTI Festival in Reifnitz on the Wörthersee in Austria

Wolfsburg / Reifnitz, 17 May 2012 - Black as the night, with a black-and-red interior, 360 PS (265 kW) TSI engine and a lowered sport suspension, the GTI Black Dynamic makes a lasting impression. Nine Volkswagen apprentices from four professions produced this custom Golf in only seven months. One of the special features: GTI lettering in the doors and hatch with handmade characters. Another highlight is the 1,800 watt sound system installed in the boot and visible beneath a specially manufactured plexiglas sheet, with nine loudspeakers. The team of four women and five men between the ages of 18 and 23 chose the motto "sporty driving" for the customisation of the production GTI.

One of the things that future automotive mechatronics technician Martin Schmidt (22) took care of was the stamping the GTI lettering in a deep-drawing process. "For our team, the GTI Black Dynamic is the high point of our training," he said. "The amount that we have learned is incredible, and we have developed our own ideas and implemented them in ‘our’ car. Where else do you get an opportunity like that?" he added enthusiastically.

The custom features of the Black Dynamic were all produced by the apprentices: the sport seats upholstered in black-and-red Alcantara and leather, interior door trim with decorative red seams, the Deep Black Metallic exterior finish combined with flat anthracite film trim, the engine and gearbox management tuned to produce and transmit an extra 150 PS, the oversized exhaust system and the eight-piston brake system.

Under the guidance of their trainers, Detlef Weiner and Björn Schallhorn, the apprentices, who are among the best in their classes, planned the entire design and created the respective project plans. Furthermore, they selected the appropriate parts from the Volkswagen model range, negotiated with suppliers, and performed their own work on the car. Finally, the future paint technicians, vehicle mechatronics technicians, interior constructors and process mechanic gave "their GTI" its name: Golf GTI Black Dynamic.

"We are proud of the creativity and achievement of our apprentices," declared Professor Heiko Gintz, who heads vocational training at Wolfsburg. Volkswagen gives its best apprentices an opportunity to extend their knowledge with projects such as the GTI Black Dynamic.

The Golf GTI Black Dynamic is celebrating its world premiere from 16 to 19 May before roughly 150,000 Volkswagen and custom-car fans at the 31st GTI Festival at Wörthersee in Austria.

Other special car projects conducted within the Volkswagen training programme have already premiered at previous GTI festivals at Wörthersee and at the Idea Expo in Hanover, Germany.

Names of apprentices on the GTI Black Dynamic team (by profession):
Interior constructors: Charleen Pohle (19), Sarah Unverzagt (20); Paint technicians: Laura Krätz (18), Christian Wolter (23); Automotive mechatronics technicians: Lisa Batke (19), Roman Huck (24), Richard Neubert (18), Martin Schmidt (22); Process mechanic for plastic and rubber technology: Tim Köhler (19)


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