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Cars > Volkswagen > Volkswagen Bio Runner Concept - LA Design Challenge 2008

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Image Copyright: LA Auto Show

Volkswagen Bio Runner Concept - LA Design Challenge 2008

The Baja 1000 now introduces the “One Tank Unlimited Solo Class.” The only stipulations are one driver and one 10-gallon tank of fuel, forcing competitors to use every bit of technology, strategy, and wit to finish.

In the Bio Runner, the rider is positioned inside a protective cage on a motorcycle-like saddle with controls attached to the hands and feet. These controls manipulate all wheels via synthetic muscle-based suspension which offers unparalleled control and traction.

Much like a motorcycle this system allows the rider to lean into turns as well as shift the center of gravity by changing the position of the wheels
in relation to the cab. This system offers an unparalleled degree of control and traction which ultimately results in much higher speed runs.

The vehicle is powered by dual-turbine engines that run at an ultra-efficient 500,000 rpm and operate on a patented bio-synthetic jet fuel.

The vehicle also boasts an Arial Reconnaissance Drone (AR-D) which feeds video to the driver when visibility is limited.

The Support Team Chopper transports, follows and in the event of a crash, swoops down to perform repairs. It also contains telemetry analysis software, which in the case of emergency, takes over piloting to avoid danger unseen by the driver.


Derek Jenkins
Patrick Faulwetter
Ian Hilton

Volkswagen Bio Runner Concept - LA Design Challenge 2008


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