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Toyota NS4 Concept 2012 Review

Undeniably Toyota has been the leading manufacturer of hybrid cars for some time now and as expected Toyota plans on maintaining their status regarding this matter. That means Toyota is working extensively on improving the technology and delivering higher quality hybrid cars. Fortunately they've been kind enough to share some of their future plans by revealing their latest hybrid concept, the Toyota NS4 2012.

Before we dig deeper into specifications it's best to keep in mind that the Toyota NS4 Concept is pretty much in its early stages of development and lots of things will improve and change until it goes in full production sometime in 2015. That being said, let's have a look at what makes the current Toyota NS4 Concept tick.

Unfortunately Toyota hasn't revealed too many specifications concerning the NS4 and as a result, things like powertrain, performances and fuel consumption are currently unknown. However they did mentioned that the NS4 will sport a next-generation Hybrid Synergy Drive plug-in system which will deliver lighter packaging for hybrid components and higher performances, as well as improved range and fuel economy. It's pretty much obvious that Toyota intends for the NS4 to be a step up in the hybrid car market, and evidently specifications have not been made public at this point because for now many NS4 characteristics are subject to change.

In exchange, Toyota made sure to reveal other aspects expected from the Toyota NS4 such as styling, safety and electronics.

Without shadow of a doubt the technology concerning consumer electronics is evolving at an astonishing rate right now and Toyota intends for the NS4 to be a hybrid car equipped with state of the art electronic equipment once it goes into mass production. One of the main goals is to equip the Toyota NS4 with a Human-Machine Interface (HMI) which will replace all the conventional nobs and buttons found on a traditional dashboard. The HMI consists in a multi-touch screen which enables the driver to control things such as air conditioning or audio, and also provides information concerning the hybrid's range, battery level and more. Furthermore, the HMI system will be able to "learn" from the driver and then anticipate driver responses in different situations.

Additionally, the Toyota NS4 Concept replaces the side-mirrors with a couple of cameras, a feature which may or may not be available on the final product.

Other features expected to enrich the Toyota NS4 are four new glass technologies (Hydrophobic coating, Anti-fog film, High ultraviolet and anti-solar film) which will improve driver visibility, fuel consumption and will reduce the internal vehicle temperature.

As far as safety goes the Toyota NS4 Concept sports a next generation Pre-Collision System (PCS) which makes use of stereo cameras and a millimeter-wave radar in order to detect and predict collisions under certain circumstances and help avoid them.

Bottom line, the Toyota NS4 Concept looks promising and we're quite excited about how it will handle its key competitors, the 2013 Ford Fusion and the Lexus GS hybrid.

Toyota NS4 Concept 2012


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