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By Ketan Patel

Toyota NASCAR Camry 2013 Review

NASCAR hasn't been true to its name for some time now as the "S" for "Stock" has been rather ignored in the last years. Fortunately things are about to change in the world of NASCAR, and as we've seen earlier this year both the NASCAR Dodge Charger and NASCAR Ford Fusion look as close as it can get to their street counterparts. That's not the only surprise NASCAR has to next season, as Toyota has recently revealed the Toyota NASCAR Camry 2013, and just as the Charger and the Fusion, the Camry stays as true as possible to the original design.

Evidently, beyond the exterior design the NASCAR Camry is very different from the street version and features a tube frame chassis, and a V8 engine that motivates the rear wheels.

Despite the fact that Toyota, Dodge and Ford are making their new NASCAR monsters look as close as possible to their stock counterparts, Chevy is doing things differently. The latter has not yet revealed their newest NASCAR racecar, but we do know that their latest contender will be based on a limited-production model called "SS" made in Australia by GM, sporting rear-wheel drive and a V-8 engine. Judging by the spy photos of the racecar however, there's not much to say at this point.

TRD has also revealed the two teams expected to race the NSCAR Camry starting next season, one of which is Michael Waltrip Racing and Joe Gibbs Racing.

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SALISBURY, N.C. (May 22, 2012) -- Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. (TMS) and TRD, U.S.A. (Toyota Racing Development) today formally introduced the new 2013 Toyota Camry that will compete in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series (NSCS) beginning next season at TRD’s Salisbury, N.C. facility.

The introduction of the new 2013 Camry for NASCAR competition marked the culmination of an aggressive redesign to provide the 2013 Camry with an updated and more-unique identity. TRD worked together with Calty Design, part of Toyota’s global network design team, to create an on-track Camry that incorporates design elements which give America’s best-selling car its distinct character.

“We’re thrilled to finally unveil our new 2013 Camry and we think NASCAR fans will really appreciate that our new on-track Camry looks like the one in their driveways,” said Ed Laukes, TMS vice president of marketing communications and motorsports. “Our 2013 Camry looks more like the production vehicle than ever before, and we hope this helps revitalize the long-standing relationship between fans and manufacturers in NASCAR. Never before have we had a Camry competing in NASCAR that looked so similar to its production counterpart.”

A new front grill-area that matches the production model, distinct character lines down the side of the vehicle and an updated rear bumper make the redesigned 2013 Camry stock car more relevant than ever before to its showroom sibling.

“We’re extremely proud of the new Camry and the development of the car was truly a unique process,” said Lee White, president and general manager of TRD. “NASCAR and all four manufacturers were brought together to guide the direction of the new cars. We all worked together to put the ‘S’ back in NASCAR -- we all wanted race cars that look more like our stock, production models -- and together we accomplished that. Our new Camry for 2013 is a great looking race car. Everyone at Toyota is eager to have our drivers in a race car that more resembles the street Camry.”

For 10 straight years, and 14 of the past 15 years, the Toyota Camry has been the best-selling car in America. Built at Toyota manufacturing facilities in Georgetown, Kentucky and Lafayette, Indiana, the 2012 Toyota Camry was recently named the ‘Best Redesigned Vehicle’ by Kelley Blue Book. In addition, the Camry has been named the ‘Most American Car’ by’s American-Made Index for three consecutive years.

In an effort to create more distinct and stock vehicles for the race track, NASCAR worked together with the four series manufacturers to determine what areas were either ‘locked in’ or ‘open’ for unique design. NASCAR also allowed for the exchange of glass for solid body pieces.

“When everyone at Toyota first saw the design of the 2013 Camry, the first reaction was, ‘They’re actually going to let you race a car that looks like that?’,” said Andy Graves, TRD’s vice president of chassis engineering. “That just demonstrates how excited everyone was about the new design of the Camry stock car.”

The new 2013 Toyota Camry will make its NASCAR Sprint Cup Series debut at Daytona International Speedway’s ‘Speedweeks’ in February.


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