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Toyota NASCAR Camry 2013 Review

NASCAR hasn't been true to its name for some time now as the "S" for "Stock" has been rather ignored in the last years. Fortunately things are about to change in the world of NASCAR, and as we've seen earlier this year both the NASCAR Dodge Charger and NASCAR Ford Fusion look as close as it can get to their street counterparts. That's not the only surprise NASCAR has to next season, as Toyota has recently revealed the Toyota NASCAR Camry 2013, and just as the Charger and the Fusion, the Camry stays as true as possible to the original design.

Evidently, beyond the exterior design the NASCAR Camry is very different from the street version and features a tube frame chassis, and a V8 engine that motivates the rear wheels.

Despite the fact that Toyota, Dodge and Ford are making their new NASCAR monsters look as close as possible to their stock counterparts, Chevy is doing things differently. The latter has not yet revealed their newest NASCAR racecar, but we do know that their latest contender will be based on a limited-production model called "SS" made in Australia by GM, sporting rear-wheel drive and a V-8 engine. Judging by the spy photos of the racecar however, there's not much to say at this point.

TRD has also revealed the two teams expected to race the NSCAR Camry starting next season, one of which is Michael Waltrip Racing and Joe Gibbs Racing.

Toyota NASCAR Camry 2013


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