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Toyota ME.WE Concept 2013 Review

Recently, Toyota released a rather off-beat concept: ME.WE Concept 2013. The ME and WE in the concept’s name expresses its simultaneous concern for personal well-being (ME) and that of others (WE). The concept is electric-powered and is using the same in-wheel motors as the Toyota i-ROAD, with batteries located under the floor, as in the iQ EV.

Bamboo is used in the construction of the floor and for the cabin’s horizontal surfaces, chosen both for being a renewable resource and aesthetically pleasing. ME.WE is easy to keep clean with a simple wash, inside and out.

ME.WE is an intelligent response to the ecological threats posed by mass production and the increasing number of cars on the world’s roads, as it is made from materials that help reduce the energy it consumes and the CO2 and harmful emissions it produces.

Toyota ME.WE Concept 2013


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