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Scion Rally xD

The Scion Rally xD has been premiered at this year's SEMA show in Las Vegas. 0-60 Magazine and Sprear arco has released the rally version of the Scion xD. The 0-60 Magazine Sparco Rally Scion xD concept features Pro-ADV Race Seats, Safari Race Steering Wheel, Navigators Footrest, 6 Point Harnesses, Mud Flaps.

Communications Unit, Helmet/Information Storage, Piuma Shift Knob, Race Pedals and Quick Hub Adapter/Release.

The Sparco Rally xD is using different carbon-fiber elements, including the front hood, rear hatchwing and panels. There is also a FIA Spec Rally Cage, Universal Light Pod, Front Aluminum Skid Plate, Spoiler, Front Bumper Pod Mounts and a new Greddy Guages and Exhaust System.


  • Pro-ADV Race Seats
  • Safari Race Steering Wheel
  • Navigators Footrest
  • 6 Point Harnesses
  • Mud Flaps
  • Communications Unit
  • Helmet / Information Storage Box
  • Piuma Shift Knob
  • Race Pedals
  • Quick Hub Adapter/Release


  • Front Carbon Hood
  • Rear Carbon Hatch

APR / Design Craft

  • GTC Carbon Wing (Fabricated by DC)
  • Carbon Panels/Sheets


  • 80 Pro XT Lights


  • Volks TE-37 15 x 6.5


  • BFG Rally Tires


  • Custom RS2 Coilovers and Springs

Performance Friction Brakes

  • Custom Calipers / Pads / Rotors

Design Craft

  • FIA Spec Rally Cage
  • Universal Light Pod
  • Front Aluminum Skid Plate
  • Spoiler
  • Front Bumper Pod Mounts
  • Installed All Products


  • Gauges and Exhaust System


Scion Rally xD


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