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Image Copyright: s told the publication that the RS3 will have a very powerful engine making between 350-hp to 400-hp and will be faster than the R8 with a 4.2L FSI engine. Weíre guessing itíll carry the Audi TT-RSís 2.5L 5-cylinder turbocharged engine.


Rumor :Audi RS3 Will Be Unveiled In Frankfurt

Word on the street is that besides the Audi A5 Sportback, the Ingolstadt-based automaker has plans to unveil an Audi RS3, a hardcore version of the Audi A3 hatchback.

According to the Swedish edition of Auto Motor & Sport, sources say that Audi will unveil an RS3 at next monthís 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show.

Whether it will be a concept or a production version remains to be unknown. Weíll have to wait until next month to find out.

Source: Auto Motor Sport]

Audi RS3 will be unveiled in Frankfurt


The sporty S3 will be even faster when Audi brings down the same five-cylinder turbocharged engine that TT RS recently received. New RS3 will be a beast with four-wheel drive, 340 hp and 450 Nm! Audi has just one problem - RS3 becomes faster than the R8 4.2 FSI!


Delayed by almost one years, but in a few weeks, it's time for Audi to showcase its sports car RS3! As we have explained before was Audi's new 2.5-liter turbo bedrooms supposed to debut in RS3 last autumn but the marketing department thought otherwise and wanted to TT would be the first engine, but then pulled out of development time and the first in Geneva saw new TT RS first time.


TT RS test, we also in a coming issue of Auto Motor & Sport, No. 18-2009, and then we are for the sake of excitement with the Audi Urquattro from the 80s - also fitted with a turbo five. The magazine is available at the newsstand from Tuesday 25th August, unless you are subscriber and is already lies on the couch and enjoy the article.

Exactly when the already finished RS3 would make his debut before an audience, we have not been sure of, though of course Frankfurt Motor Show - which opens in mid-September - should be a pretty obvious place. But now a little bird in Ingolstadt confirmed that it is truly the Frankfurt premiere of RS3 and therefore it looks as if Audi span arch to the max at home.

Besides RS3 will also premiere the new A1 small car in series order (expect some super-efficient A1 concept also) and electric / hybrid version of the R8 mid-engined car (concept). Possibly we may also see the R8 V10 Cup - a relieved, broadening and possibly rear-wheel drive version - sightings of some spy photographers.


The Audi TT RS gives the new turbo femman not just an addictive singing, it also pumps out to be very effective. Audi says peak power 340 hp and 450 Nm, but the first measurements from Germany shows that it is an understatement. The engine provides 370 horsepower, rather! The RS3 increased the official power of turbo fifth grade at somewhere around 350 hp, but in reality is close to 400 hp!

Thus, we can expect blazing performance from RS3 and Audi makes the internal problems. Allows you RS3 get as much power as engineers put the car to be faster than the mid-engined car R8 4.2 FSI. The difference between TT RS and R8 4.2 FSI is already annoying little and it would not be good for a five-door family car drives past R8: an performance costs.


Some questions, therefore, we need not grope around in the dark for too long. About three weeks, open the Frankfurt motor show and then our four-strong team of reportage on the spot to send home photos, impressions and movies from the Motor Show.




Rumor :Audi RS3 Will Be Unveiled In Frankfurt


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