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Image Copyright: Rinspeed

Rinspeed XchangE Driverless Car Concept 2013 Review

Switzerland based Rinspeed will debut the XchanE concept, an autonomous car, at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show.

The concept will be a “fully electric touring sedan” with autonomous driving technology which focuses on the comfort of passengers who will benefit from seats that provide comfort of business class with infotainment that would normally be found in the business class of an airplane.

So far only a few highlights have been revealed. It uses a completely new operating and display concept with a host of innovative entertainment, safety and service functions. The XchangE concept comes with steer-by-wire technology which allows the steering wheel to be positioned in the middle of the dashboard for a more convenient cabin layout.

You can read, listen to music, surf the web, play games, watch movies in brilliant picture and sound quality or hold a meeting at 120 km/h and work on your files.

Rinspeed XchangE Driverless Car Concept 2013


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