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Image Copyright: Renault

Renault Initiale Paris Concept 2013 Review

Renault has unveiled the Initiale Paris Concept Car, a concentrate of the very best of Renault, at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show. It is the sixth concept car in the design strategy initiated by Laurens van den Acker.

The Initiale Paris Concept promises impressive spaciousness on board. It has an emphatic grille, an innovative roof, muscular shoulders and has large 22-inch wheels and sculptured wings. The rear quarter light, shaped like an aircraft tail fin, houses innovative, motorized aerodynamic screens. The most formal homage to Paris is made by the concept car's highly original aluminium and plexiglass roof.

The promise of the exclusive pleasure of travelling in private jet-style comfort becomes a reality when occupants see the armchair seats, the profiled gearstick, the light guides covering the entire cabin, and the shapes echoing the tail-fin motif employed on the exterior. The floor blends prestigious matt wood with high-tech aluminium set in a regular pattern.

2013 Renault Initiale Paris Concept is powered by Renault’s familiar dCi 130 engine, 1.6-liter diesel which brings generous torque (peaking at 400 Nm) across a broad operating range. The concept engine emits 40 g/km less CO2 and burns 25% less fuel than an equivalent-performance diesel.

Renault Initiale Paris Concept 2013


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