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Pontiac G8 caught on cellphone camera

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The guys over at KickingTires managed to get some preproduction pictures of the Pontiac G8 in red on their cellphone's camera. Their initial reactions:

"The G8 is really nice. This red G8 we got a look at isn't a production model, but it's the most polished prototype I've ever seen. I can't believe the one that goes on sale at the end of the year will be different in the least. Perhaps, the new emblem will get some alterations. A Pontiac rep said the new, silver one is getting a lot of positive comments though.

The interior is far beyond any Pontiac in a long time, mainly because it's from Australia, but even still, it is an improvement from the GTO's interior. The armrests for example are padded in leather. The rear seats are quite comfy too."

I would have to say this thing looks BAD ASS in red. More pictures continued...



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Pontiac G8 caught on cellphone camera


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