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Pagani Zonda S

It's feather-weight status is achieved by making use of a super-expensive carbon fibre chassis, while a steel space frame helps keep flex to a minimum. Reduced weight offers a number of bonuses, in this case a higher top speed, quicker acceleration, more nimble handling, quicker braking and reduced fuel consumption.

The ZONDA design is the creation of Horacio Pagani, and can be summed up as the result of the intense search for aerodynamic and ergonomic aesthetics indelibly linked to the need to create unforgettable emotions.

The ZONDA S introduces new styling with the addition of an elongated “nose", a feature that was already present in the first designs that Juan Manuel Fangio looked at back in 1988. At the back of the car a focal point is the original double airspoiler flanked by two aero flaps on the engine cover. These changes produce better aerodynamics over the whole vehicle and contribute to creating a strong visual impact. At the rear of the car new light clusters have been dynamically positioned and the new series of air intakes positioned around the four formidable exhaust pipess form an original cornice for this feature. One gets the general impression looking at the car of a leap forward in self-assertiveness echoed by the “jet” effect. Great attention has been paid to studying the position of the air intakes, the internal aerodynamics and the rear of the car. The ZONDA S is slightly longer by 50mm while still staying within the 2730 mm standard.

ZONDA has been for our team a complex search for easy solutions.

• The design is futuristic and provocative: a synthesis of art and high technology;
• Carbon fibre offers many advantages and has great appeal; our team of technicians can truly say that they are second to none in understanding this material;
• Power and safety are guaranteed thanks to our partnership with Mercedes-AMG, official supplier of the formidable V12 engine;
• The privilege and satisfaction that comes from having created and developed our own ZONDA is a sensation as exclusive and personal as creating a piece of fine art.


Progressive and technologically advanced, the ZONDA S is the sum expression of researching the field for technical, aesthetic and functional details that make the difference. Open the two spacious and surprisingly light front and rear hoods, where the carbon magic is at work, and discover the masterpiece in engineering displayed like a sculpture, centrally, and supported by two tubular frames in Cr-Mo steel: the whole concept expresses total rationality. 

The central carbon tub (safety cell) is produced with absolute precision using production standards from the aircraft industry. It forms a single body with the anti-roll bar in Cr-Mo steel and a composite MD System. The complex production processes involved have been patented. The front sub-frame has an impact-absorbing function, and means that the structure can be easily repaired; in this respect the ZONDA offers an excellent passive safety function in the case of accident or roll-over. The rear sub-frame supports not only the bulk of the engine but also the sophisticated, aluminium, suspension system.

The Mercedes engine is incredibly smooth and the noise level inside the vehicle, together with the almost total absence of vibration - thanks to careful design - guarantees an unprecedented degree of comfort, in this case of vehicle. Total weight is contained within 1.250 kg, while the torsional stiffness constitutes a record: 26.300 Nm/deg. for the ZONDA S. In fact, the car's structure has been further reinforced to deal with the stress of the 7 litre engine. But the novelty and focal point in terms of performance is the new Mercedes AMG V12 engine with 550 Hp max power and 750 Nm of torque which is second to none. The excellent craftsmanship of the Mecedes AMG technicians has produced an engine that offers an extreme and exciting performance while respecting the highest technological standards. This engine is docile and fluid in low gear driving and offers a power control almost unknown in this class. To better control the increased performance a new 6 gear transmission has been designed and will be introduced in July also for the C12 version.

To complete the technical picture – already excellent for this category - there is the outstanding Brembo braking system using vented discs with four calipers front and rear. 18” alloy wheels supplied by O.Z racing, complete the running gear.

The dynamic personality of the ZONDA in all driving conditions make it a real object of pleasure to use. Normally the super cars in this category don't offer the maximum in extreme drivability. They forgo comfort, spaciousness and real driving experiences for pure engine power. The ZONDA is far from this kind of thinking and is admired by the real car connoisseur because it offers a completely different experience. Road stability is excellent and is made so by the first-rate suspension system and the rigid frame as well as the efficient aerodynamics of the body: at a speed of 200 km/h the downforce is equal to a load of 100Kg at the front and 130Kg at the rear. In normal driving conditions the ZONDA offers a comfortable and relaxed driving experience. But can, on command, become a true supercar, unleashing the driving spirit that's in every sportscar enthusiast. This dual personality that is a feature of the ZONDA allows any driver the distinctive pleasure of an exceptional driving experience. The pitch of the ZONDA is clear, powerful, unforgettable: the sound of a champion.


Pagani Zonda S


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