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Image Copyright: Opel

Opel One Euro Car

Opel will unveil a lighweight electic concept car at the Frankfurt Auto Show 2011. The two-seater One Euro Car is inspired by Ampera and is mostly likely to make it to production. The estimated cost to operate the car per 100 km is only one euro and hence the name 'One Euro Car'. [Picture update: Sept 17, 2011]

Opel at the 64th Frankfurt International Motor Show

Opel Lightweight Electric Vehicle: The One Euro Car

  • Revolutionary concept for zero-emission urban mobility

  • Electric driving aged 16 and upwards

Inspired by the success of the Ampera, the revolutionary concept creates a new class of lightweight electric vehicle for zero-emission urban mobility.

The tandem two-seater has production potential and would also be affordable for younger customers. Sixteen year-olds could even begin driving in a version limited to a maximum speed of 45 km/h. Energy requirements ten times lower than those of a modern small car, and energy costs of only one euro per 100 km, benefit the environment as well the budget.

Opel One Euro Car


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