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Image Copyright: Nissan

Nissan Friend-Me Concept 2013 Review

Nissan made the European debut of the Nissan Friend-Me concept, a next-generation saloon, at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show. Friend-Me was first shown at the 2013 Auto Shanghai, where it explored the desires of future car buyers.

Friend-Me is the ultimate expression of modern automotive style as it delivers a bold, dynamic look that combines dramatic curves with intricate details. On the front it gets a deep-set V-motion grille, LED headlamps and 20-inch wheels. On the back it gets a floating roof and shallow glass area, while kick-up shape around the C-pillar creates another striking styling cue. The gently flared rear wheel arches flow neatly into the rear bumper.

On the interior the Friend-Me features four individual lounge-style seats designed to deliver maximum comfort and safety levels to passengers. The cabin is dominated by a unique centre console that runs the entire length of the passenger compartment. The technology also incorporates an advanced IT system that allows passengers to share information, pictures and music from their mobile devices.

The Friend-Me Concept is powered by an efficient PureDrive hybrid powertrain that offers exceptional economy and emissions with flexible range. Designed to deliver agile performance in an out of the city, the Nissan-developed drivetrain combines a petrol engine with latest-generation lithium-ion batteries to provide a seamless driving experience.

Nissan Friend-Me Concept 2013


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