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Cars > Mitsubishi > Mitsubishi MMR25 - LA Design Challenge 2008

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Image Copyright: LA Auto Show

Mitsubishi MMR25 - LA Design Challenge 2008

Mitsubishi breaks from convention and introduces the MMR25.

While the look is shocking, the multi-terrain, omnidirectional wheels consist of eight independently-controlled motors, allowing for 8 x 4 wheel drive so that the car can be driven forward while pointing in any direction. The MMR25 drives sideways into a corner and points the nose of the car outwards before even reaching the apex of the curve while driving sideways or backwards.

The MMR25 also uses special Oblique Aerodynamics to give the vehicle aero advantages. The center wing acts as a spoiler, actuated by pneumatic and fabricated from Memory Metal Alloy while the front and rear spoilers double as suspension blades which are able to control stiffness and ride height.


Jon Hull - Design, surfacing, rendering and animation

Mitsubishi MMR25 - LA Design Challenge 2008


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