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A new direction in diesel-powered vehicles for Mercedes, the ML320 BlueTEC is one the cleanest burning diesels on the planet.

The now familiar, second-generation, Mercedes M-Class SUV has been around since its redesign in 2006. For 2009, it has been mildly refreshed from front to rear, now incorporating an optional 3-liter diesel powerplant, which, according to Mercedes, features the power of a V8 with the economy of a four-cylinder.

The ML320 looks absolutely futuristic. A true five-seater, it is updated with a new faceted front grille area that is more aggressive than its gas burning relatives. With larger under the bumper intakes, and different headlight lenses, the M-Class BlueTEC tries to strike with a more dominant appearance.



MONTVALE , NJ Mercedes-Benz is launching the impressively fuel-efficient ML320 BlueTEC for 2009, which comes with a new AdBlue exhaust treatment system that helps the sport utility meet the most stringent 50-state emissions limits.


What's more, the company's family SUV features bold restyling for the 2009 model year.  Redesigned front bumpers incorporate new headlights with a distinctive step along the lower edge that continues around a larger, lower grill that holds three silver ribs.  Angular air intakes, widely set fog lights and chrome trim help give the 2009 M-Class a broader, more aggressive face.  A recontoured rear bumper with recessed reflectors and a stainless-steel skid plate that wraps around its dual exhausts also help give the new M-Class a confident stance.  Larger outside mirrors provide even better visibility.  Inside, door panels now have an upholstered center, and the redesigned seats now feature a sportier design and a driver's four-stage power lumbar support.  Framing the chrono-meter gauges, a new four-spoke steering wheel comes with multi-function buttons and shift paddles.


For 2009, the new ML320 BlueTEC replaces the ML320 CDI and joins the V6-powered ML350 (268 hp, 258 lb.-ft. of torque), the V8 ML550 (382 hp, 391 lb.-ft.) and the high-performance ML63 AMG (503 hp, 465 lb.-ft.).  While most 2009 M-Class models come with new five-spoke 19-inch wheels, the ML63 AMG is fitted with five-spoke 20-inch wheels.



New-For-2009 COMAND System


A new-for-2009 COMAND system features a large 6.5-inch color display screen with a standard in-dash, six-disc CD changer and a Bluetooth interface that allows a phone still in a pocket or purse to be operated through the car's audio system.  It can be equipped with an optional iPod/MP3 interface, Sirius satellite radio, HD radio, and an enhanced voice control system. 


The COMAND screen can play tracks stored on a data CD, DVD or memory card.  The new system also includes a large hard drive that can display maps and directions for the optional GPS navigation system, which can be set up for SIRIUS traffic info and Zagat restaurant ratings as well.

M-Class models can also be equipped with an optional 610-watt digital harmon kardon Logic7 audio system and a rear-seat entertainment system that includes two eight-inch screens, wireless headphones and an integrated DVD player with dual-source capability.


PRE-SAFE ® Gives 2009 M-Class Reflexes to Protect Occupants


New standard equipment on the 2009 M-Class, PRE-SAFE ® is a revolutionary safety system that can actually sense an impending collision before it happens and take measures to protect occupants during those valuable seconds before impact.  The PRE-SAFE system that made its debut on the S-Class automatically tightens the front seat belts before a possible impact, and the front passenger seat moves to a position that can provide better protection.  Side windows also close to provide better support for the window curtain air bags.  If the system senses an impending rollover, the sunroof also closes. 


BlueTEC Diesel SUVs Boast Up To 600-Mile Cruising Range


The newly restyled ML320 BlueTEC family SUV gets 20-30 percent better fuel economy, surprisingly good performance and extremely low exhaust emissions.  This latest generation of electronically injected CDI engines is changing consumers' dated perceptions about diesel engines.  The ML320 BlueTEC diesel boasts impressive cruising range up to 600 miles at highway speeds, and the SUV can do all that without sacrificing performance.  With 210 horsepower and 398 lb.-ft. of torque, its V8-like pulling power makes the ML320 BlueTEC diesel ideal for towing.


BlueTEC A Modular Technology

BlueTEC is a modular system that includes an oxidation catalyst and a maintenance-free particulate filter as well as new techniques for reducing nitrogen oxide emissions the last type of exhaust gas that's higher in diesel vehicles than gasoline engines.  The ML320 BlueTEC diesel uses a NOx storage converter in combination with an SCR catalytic converter and AdBlue injection to lower NOx emissions.


The AdBlue system injects an aqueous urea solution into the exhaust flow, which releases ammonia (NH3), reducing nitrogen oxides to harmless nitrogen and water in the downstream SCR catalytic converter.  Just the right amount of AdBlue for a given engine load and speed is injected to get the greatest reduction of nitrogen oxides.   Its tank only needs to be refilled every 10,000 miles during routine maintenance intervals (typical oil-change intervals are 10,000 miles).





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