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Mazda Speed Atenza Roadster 2009

Mazda will reveal the mazdaspeed concept models for Atenza, Demio and Roadster at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2008. The mazdaspeed concept models take the best characteristics of a base model to their maximums. Mazdaspeed models usually improves the coefficient of lift (CL) values without impinging on the coefficient of drag (CD) values.

The convertible sports edition, Mazdaspeed Roadster looks really cool in the pics.

Pictures and Official PR after the jump

Official Press Release

Mazda to Exhibit Mazda Atenza Mazdaspeed Concept at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2008

- Demio, Roadster, RX-8 and MPV-based tuned-up and customized models also to be exhibited -

HIROSHIMA, Japan—Mazda Motor Corporation will showcase an intriguing lineup of 16 tuned-up and customized vehicles at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2008 with NAPAC. Mazda will exhibit the ‘Mazda Atenza Mazdaspeed Concept’ model, which is based on the new Mazda Atenza that is scheduled for launch to the Japanese market in spring 2008. The 2008 Tokyo Auto Salon will be held at the Makuhari Messe Convention Center in Chiba Prefecture from January 11 to 13, 2008.

At this year’s Tokyo Auto Salon, Mazda will present Mazdaspeed concepts which are based on the Mazda Atenza, Mazda Demio and Mazda Roadster vehicles currently available in the marketplace together with models co-designed with the popular KENSTYLE and DAMD afterparts brands. In addition, last year’s crowd pleasing demonstration of the disassembly and reassembly of the rotary engine will return. Additionally, a talk show featuring a famous journalist and engineers in charge of developing the new Mazda Atenza is scheduled for this year’s Auto Salon.

Mazda’s Exhibits at the 2008 Tokyo Auto Salon

No. Model Vehicle / Accessory type
1 Mazda Atenza Mazdaspeed Concept Reference exhibit
2 Mazdaspeed Axela MS Concept Reference exhibit
3 Mazda Demio Mazdaspeed Concept Reference exhibit
4 Mazda Roadster Mazdaspeed Concept Reference exhibit
5 Mazda RX-8 Mazdaspeed Concept Reference exhibit
6 Mazda Demio “Haru Iro [Spring Colors] Collection (Blue)” Reference exhibit
7 Mazda Demio “Haru Iro [Spring Colors] Collection (Pink)” Reference exhibit
8 Mazda Demio “Haru Iro [Spring Colors] Collection (Green)” Reference exhibit
9 Mazda Verisa “Kikonashi [Snazzy] Style” Reference exhibit
10 Mazda Premacy “Cool Style” Concept Reference exhibit
11 Mazda CX-7 “Cool Style” Concept Reference exhibit
12 Mazda RX-8 TYPE RS Reference exhibit
13 Mazda Atenza DAMD Concept Planned production accessories
14 Mazda MPV KENSTYLE Concept Planned production accessories
15 Mazda MPV Accessorized Model Planned production accessories
16 Mazda Roadster NR-A Production accessories

Mazda’s Exhibits at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2008

1. Mazda Atenza Mazdaspeed Concept (Reference exhibit models; the following four models are reference exhibits)
2. Mazdaspeed Axela MS Concept
3. Mazda Demio Mazdaspeed Concept
4. Mazda Roadster Mazdaspeed Concept
5. Mazda RX-8 Mazdaspeed Concept
The Mazdaspeed concept models combine great driving performance and everyday user-friendliness and durability to reach a higher level of sophistication. For manufacturers, they are totally-balanced tuning models that take the best characteristics of a base model to their maximum. Aeroparts and cooling ducts commonly used in Mazdaspeed models which improve the coefficient of lift (CL) values and do not impinge on the coefficient of drag (CD) values have been fitted to these concept models. Sporty-yet-comfortable driving is achieved through performance dampers which complement the original suspension and dampers. The importance placed on PCM tuning and exhaust parts tuning provide great support in making the 3D Net Sports seats comfortable enough sit in for extended periods of time.

6. Mazda Demio “Haru Iro [Spring Colors] Collection (Blue)” (Reference exhibit models; the following two models are reference exhibits)
7. Mazda Demio “Haru Iro [Spring Colors] Collection (Pink)”
8. Mazda Demio “Haru Iro [Spring Colors] Collection (Green)”
Three elegant, unique body colors adorn the Demio, captivating the eye and conjuring up images of spring. The color lineup consists of a rich blue, seemingly taken from the crystal blue sky of a crisp fall day; a warm pink like that of a much-anticipated cherry blossom in full bloom; and a smart shade of green found in fresh spring scenery. Specifications that will tantalize the sophisticate’s desire for the finer things in life are addressed with accessories – such as seat covers, floor mats, clutch bags and cushions – which are coordinated with the unique exterior body colors to raise the vehicle’s look of refinement. And eco-friendly concerns have been considered by using materials in the seat covers that will not generate dioxins even if they are burned.

9. Mazda Verisa “Kikonashi [Snazzy] Style” (Reference exhibit)
This model is intended for females with discerning taste who want the highest quality. It boasts a superbly detailed interior which includes fabric seats featuring geometric patterns, unique fasteners found on the door trim and leather belts on the seatbacks. With a matching bag, drivers can climb into this tuned-up version of the Verisa confident they are dressed-up in stylish fashion.

10. Mazda Premacy “Cool Style” Concept (Reference exhibit)
The Cool Style concept is a customized version of the Premacy with its exterior painted in a luminescent black and chrome parts which appear to sparkle in one focused point on the front and rear. With black leather in the interior, it offers a conspicuous cool.

11. Mazda CX-7 “Cool Style” Concept (Reference exhibit)
This model is an expression of urban “Cool Style” by elegantly aligning the sporty lines characteristic of the CX-7 and adding chrome highlights to make it stand out and be noticed. The interior base color is a relaxed brown, with exquisitely balanced wood, leather and metal interior fittings.

12. Mazda RX-8 TYPE RS (Reference exhibit)
The TYPE RS is a high end model RX-8 equipped with 19-inch forged aluminum wheels, Bilstein dampers, urethane foam-filled front crossmembers and custom RECARO bucket seats. It is the ultimate embodiment of the pursuit of driving enjoyment and sheer pleasure. By further strengthening the RX-8’s special features, this model is aiming to be the next evolution of the sports car.

13. Mazda Atenza DAMD Concept (Planned production accessories)
With styling that aspires to be more noticeable than the Atenza Sedan, this tuner features a customized interior complemented by the exterior’s combination front underspoiler, side skirts, and rear underskirt to appeal to those drivers who enjoy speed and like to be noticed.

14. Mazda MPV KENSTYLE Concept (Planned production accessories)
Based on a freshened model of the MPV minivan which is scheduled to go on sale early in 2008, the sporty and high-quality Mazda MPV KENSTYLE concept has been tuned for a more aggressive look. With a vivid, original red as its principal color for the exterior and interior, this model aims to stand out from the rest.

15. Mazda MPV Accessorized Model (Planned production accessories)
Based on a freshened MPV model which is scheduled to go on sale early in 2008, this customized version emphasizes the use of genuine aeroparts to accentuate its luxury and aggressive-looking stance.

16. Mazda Roadster NR-A (Production accessories)
A model which has improved its Jinba Ittai (rider and horse as one) fun driving potential, the Mazda Roadster NR-A is an expression of the pursuit of new worlds of motoring enjoyment. The NR-A is the base model in the Roadster Party race series in Japan, and it comes fully loaded with carefully selected items such as height adjustable Bilstein dampers and a torque-sensing super limited slip differential (LSD), among other parts. When options such as a rollbar set and pulling hook are selected and race-spec seat belts installed, all a driver needs is to place a race number on the NR-A to participate in races.

Mazda Speed Atenza Roadster 2009


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