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Mallet Pitbull for Pontiac Solstice

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So you just spent that boatload of money converting your standard Pontiac Solstice to the fiery V8 powered Mallet version, but feel like it still looks like every other Solstice on the road? Well, for another $16-$18K, Mallet will outfit your car with their own fiberglass bodykit to give it a more aggressive, tuner look. But that sure sounds like a lot of money, especially for fiberglass. So if it makes you fell any better, know that there will only be limited quantities sold and more then likely your neighbor down the street probably won't have one. The kit widens the Solstice by 4 inches, and adds 5 inches to it's length. Handy for wearing those ultra offset wheels. More pictures after the jump.


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Mallet Pitbull for Pontiac Solstice


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