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Latest Lexus LF-A test mule caught at the 'Ring

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Lexus seems to be hard at work developing their new supercar. These latest photos show many changes from past test mules. The front end has changed as well as the side scoops by the rear windows. The rear has also changed a bit compared with the last mule. Rumor is the new supercar will feature a V-10 engine developing 500hp (and possibly in a hybrid configuration), and set to battle the upcoming NSX as well as Audi's R8 or even Ferrari's F430. Continue reading for more pictures.


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From Winding Road:

Lexus has hit the Nordschleife with its cleanest prototype yet for its LF-A supercar. LF-A prototypes first hit the ‘Ring in 2005, and have seen a number of alterations over the last two years. In that time, two concepts have also hit the auto show circuit, and while they were clearly related in overall shape, they differed drastically in their surface development. The 2005 concept was a rather simple wedge shape, while the 2007 iteration was more rounded, with more nuanced, almost fussy detailing.

It seems that this newest prototype, which appears nearly free of
camouflage, falls somewhere in between the two LF-A concept cars.
The prototype’s lower side vents and front air-intakes come quite close to the ‘07 concept, but the air scoops around the test car’s C- pillar are more simplistic like the ‘05 concept. With its large mesh air extractors and triple exhaust tips, the prototype’s rear-end design once again borrows from both cars, but ultimately goes its own way in the details. With the temporary, function-only tail-lights that are tacked on, it’s clear that this prototype doesn’t reveal the car’s finished styling.

The headlights on the prototype still appear to be simple, angular shapes, not unlike those of modern Lamborghinis, but the ‘07 concept has strange lamps with a distinctive LED strip running down the front bumper. Whether elements of the latest design study will end up on the final production cars is still unknown.

Lexus is obviously approaching the LF-A with great care and extensive development–both mechanically, dynamically, and stylistically. At this point, it seems that Lexus designers are still fine-tuning the LF-A’s shape.

Source: Winding Road


Latest Lexus LF-A test mule caught at the 'Ring


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