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Image Copyright: Kia

Kia Niro Concept 2013 Review

Kia will have the public debut of the Kia Niro Concept, a dramatic new European concept, at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show next month. The car was designed at Kia’s Frankfurt design studio – less than a kilometre away from the IAA. A teaser of the concept was revealed earlier with the name B-Segment Concept 2013.

The 2013 Kia Niro Concept has been designed to gauge public reaction for a future B-segment model to take on the urban environment with style and tenacity.

Niro combines a mischievous character in a clearly robust and substantial yet stylish bodyshape featuring a mix of contrasting materials – including stainless steel elements.

Looking at the images, the Niro Concept is a compact crossover coupe with a staple Kia grille outlined in yellow and having butterfly doors. The side-view mirrors and wipers are also highlighted in yellow.

For more information, we’ll have to wait until its unveiling at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Kia Niro Concept 2013


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