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Cars > Ford > Ford Mustang Milano Concept 1970

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Image Copyright: Ford

Ford Mustang Milano Concept 1970 Review

Ford had unveiled a wild-looking Mustang concept car, the Mustang Milano, at the 1970 Chicago Auto Show. The exceptionally low-slung, two-seat concept took inspiration from the grand touring cars.

The most radical Mustang seen at that time had Ultra Violet paint and a horizontal fastback roof along with pony badges on the grille and front fenders. The windshield was sloped back at a 67-degree angle and the electrically-powered rear decklid was nearly horizontal. . The tail features lamps were to glow green on acceleration and switched to amber when coasting and finally turned typical red on application of brakes. The concept rolled on cast-aluminum wheels.

The purple theme continued in the interior with the seats finished in light purple leather with blue-violet cloth inserts along with deep purple mohair carpeting.

Ford Mustang Milano Concept 1970


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