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Dodge Viper

The journey began around 10 years back with a V10 truck engine under simple chassis, a few years passed and the US market has its muscular coupe ruling the streets, named as Dodge Viper. The time moved on and Viper kept on progressing with their every model being unique and performance oriented. The lieu brought us today here with this article to talk upon the release at Detroit Motor Show. Let us have a closer look upon its architecture and performance to see, what truly the Dodge Viper GTS R 2000 holds with it.


· Engine: 8 Liter V10

· Transmission: Six speed manual

· Power: 500 Hp

· Torque: 678 Nm

· 0-60 mph: 3.8 seconds

· Top Speed: 200 mph


To create the body of Dodge Viper GTS R 2000 engineers very well single molded carbon-fiber. The car has been given a lower profile by taking one and a half inch from between the roof and sill. For this Model Dodge has added 3 inches to its wheelbase measurements and two to the track. The mentioned changes give this model a look which its power deserves, i.e. ‘A Beast’. The doors also have been added with minute space to make the entry and exit from Viper GTS R easier. The Dodge Viper GTS R 2000 has four piston calipers in its disc brakes, which assure to bring the car to halt even at higher speeds. At this point the enlarged wheelbase and the 19 inch wheels play their role by providing safe landing.


The 8 liter V10 engine in Dodge Viper GTS R 2000 magically takes you to an enthralling ride. Producing 500 hp and 678 nm torque the engine is mated to six speed manual transmission. Well being true the power produced isn’t enough to touch 0-60 mph in 3.8 seconds and a top speed of 200 mph. To reach the same stats the engineers at Viper has intensely used Aluminum. Being light weight and mounted with suitable wheels and Goodyear tires the power is perfectly utilized while the tires keep the grip, while driving or stopping at high speeds.

Dodge Viper


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