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Citroen C3 Picasso

The funky, and already award-winning Citroën C3 Picasso, is the latest addition to the Company’s Picasso family. A vehicle for the individual thinker, the C3 Picasso offers users adaptable, class-leading space, effortless modularity, unrivalled visibility and exceptional driving pleasure in a bold design that is as cool as it is functional. The C3 Picasso, focused on the needs of everyday life, presents flexibility and capability in an individual, chic design.

With its innovative style taking inspiration from often opposing qualities, the C3 Picasso is intelligent yet simple. It unites the parallels of cubes and curves, contemporary and retro styling, strength and comfort, and, quality and affordability. Small on the outside and deceptively huge on the inside its distinctive appearance deliberately sets it apart from rivals. The C3 Picasso blends the roomy, versatile advantages of an MPV with the agility and comfort feel of a family hatchback.



The funky, and already award-winning Citroën C3 Picasso, is the latest addition to the Company's Picasso family. A vehicle for the individual thinker, the C3 Picasso offers users adaptable, class-leading space, effortless modularity, unrivalled visibility and exceptional driving pleasure in a bold design that is as cool as it is functional. The C3 Picasso, focused on the needs of everyday life, presents flexibility and capability in an individual, chic design.

With its innovative style taking inspiration from often opposing qualities, the C3 Picasso is intelligent yet simple. It unites the parallels of cubes and curves, contemporary and retro styling, strength and comfort, and, quality and affordability. Small on the outside and deceptively huge on the inside its distinctive appearance deliberately sets it apart from rivals. The C3 Picasso blends the roomy, versatile advantages of an MPV with the agility and comfort feel of a family hatchback.

Conjuring a cavernous interior space out of a compact exterior – just a few inches longer than a supermini – the C3 Picasso offers occupants class-leading amounts of cabin room and ample storage in the 500-litre boot – one of the biggest in the segment. Unrivalled in its roominess, it also boasts the best ratio of internal space to external size of any vehicle in its class. Rear passengers can enjoy plentiful knee room even when the rear split folding seats are slid forward thanks to the front seats' slim design. Elbow room in both the front and rear is also the best in the segment.

Benefiting from an intuitive internal design, the C3 Picasso's internal space is swiftly and simply adapted for a range of different uses. Whether it's transporting the whole family, or tumbling the seats down to use the 1506-litre flat rear load space, users are guaranteed effortless simplicity with easy one-handed control of the seat-folding mechanisms. With the versatile flat folding front passenger seat the MPV is equipped to carry loads up to 2.4 metres and to increase either boot volume or rear legroom the 60:40 split-folding rear seats can be slid back and forth independently.

With one of the largest glazed areas in the segment – up to 4.52m2 – the C3 Picasso's cabin is a bright and spacious environment. The car's innovative three-part panoramic windscreen featuring a slim A-pillar design means drivers receive a commanding, clear view of the road and a class-leading side vision angle of 29.5°. A panoramic glass roof is also available for a light flooded cabin.

The C3 Picasso has been built with a high quality, premium feel. The entry level trim, VT , meets all the needs of a family friendly Citroën MPV. At the heart of the range, the VTR+ trim level, offers some added extras such as air conditioning and alloy wheels. And the top end of the range, Exclusive trim level, is brimming with luxury touches and unique practical features such as a completely flat folding front passenger seat, and a removable boot light torch. 

The C3 Picasso will be available with a choice of two petrol units, co-developed with BMW – the VTi 95 and VTi 120 – and two HDi diesels – the HDi 90 and HDi 110 DPFS – renowned for their efficiency, exceptional refinement and low CO 2 emissions.

The 1.6HDi 110hp DPFS also carries the Airdream® signature, given to only the most environmentally conscious vehicles in Citroën's range. Further improving its green credentials, certain models will be available with Michelin Energy Saver tyres, which help to significantly reduce CO 2 emissions and lower fuel consumption.

A safe and secure bubble, the C3 Picasso features high levels of active safety including ABS with EBD and EBA, up to six airbags, Isofix anchor points and a seatbelt monitor system. ESP is also available with an ASR traction control system, providing reassuring safety in difficult driving conditions.

The C3 Picasso is on sale from the 9th April 2009 . MRRP prices start from just £11,495 for the entry-level 1.4 VTi 95hp VT model to £15,595 for the range-topping 1.6 HDi 110hp Exclusive version. Industry pricing experts, CAP Monitor, have predicted class-leading residual values, for what could become the most popular model in the range – the C3 Picasso 1.6HDi VTR+ is expected to retain 37.72% of its value - around 10% more than rival models.

Xavier Duchemin, Managing Director of Citroën UK , said “The C3 Picasso represents the very best of contemporary Citroën design and stands as a showcase for the bold new confidence that characterises the Citroën brand today.

This is a car that is perfect for today – practical, stylish, spacious, economic, fun – but also forward thinking in its innovative and unique approach to the family vehicle. The C3 Picasso is not afraid to challenge preconceptions. It sets new standards in the compact MPV segment and proves that small can be spacious, practical, exciting, and, that opposites can indeed attract.

The C3 Picasso isn't just to be driven - it's designed to be used, and become part of the family. Just how a car should be and just how a Citroën is.”

With a long line of award-winning family vehicles noted for their distinctive styling, class-leading space and uncompromising safety, it's perhaps no surprise that Citroën remains the most popular MPV brand in Europe with almost one in every four MPVs bearing Citroën's double chevron on the bonnet.

And this popularity is largely due to Citroën's experience and knowledge of MPV owners' real needs. Research has shown that buyers are looking for space, ease of use, good visibility and safety – all areas in which the C3 Picasso excels.

Joining the Xsara, C4 and Grand C4 Picasso in the artist-monikered range, another strong product, the new Citroën C3 Picasso, is set to be a key model in the compact MPV segment where 21st century buying behaviours of ‘use' and ‘image' are ever important considerations in choosing a new car.

Appealing to young families and older, active individuals, the C3 Picasso is an attractive package, combining stylish and bold good looks, a pleasurable driving experience, unrivalled space, adaptable storage options and value for money.

C3 Picasso buyers lead active lifestyles and need a car that will give them the freedoms of space, versatility and comfort. They are style conscious, appreciate quality design and believe that their car makes a statement about them, at the same time they are practically minded, requiring simple functionality.

They are environmentally considerate and want to limit their carbon footprint yet they still need the robust space to transport their family comfortably and safely. They are individual thinkers and not afraid to be different but they don't want to be unconventional or weird.

As consumers they are drawn to things that express their personality - in the same way they are attracted to an iPod, they want a car that is contemporary, uncomplicated, useful and stylish. The C3 Picasso delivers on all these requirements.


The spirited Citroën C3 Picasso takes an exciting new direction in body design, blending the roomy, versatile shapes of an MPV with the quality, agility and comfort of a family hatchback.

From the outside, the C3 Picasso's cube-like body shape, with its short overhang at the front and rear, instantly communicates the important design focus placed upon maximising internal space, whilst the smooth, rounded curves that soften the contours of the body form an expression of fluidity and purpose, and make it easy to park.

The distinctive styling of the car's front end, with its sculpted bonnet, bold bumper design, black and silver intakes, and, incisive, high-set headlamps that extend back along the bonnet, give the C3 Picasso a friendly appearance, with the impression of a beaming smile, adding to its impishly charming character.

The vertical rear, designed for maximum boot space, and nimble city driving is characterised by the chunky black bumper and rear window that wraps around the boot of the car, blending into the light assembly.

Slightly wider than other models in the segment, the C3 Picasso has real on-road presence and it cuts a dynamic and robust appearance. The two-tone colour scheme available on the bumpers and side-rubbing strips present the C3 Picasso as an active, ready-to-go vehicle with the roof bars also hinting at its utilitarian functionality.

Citroën MPVs are renowned for their light and airy cabin environments and this new model is no exception. The expansive use of glass, which is almost continuously wrapped around the car – as well as over it with the optional 1.2m panoramic roof – hints at the bright and spacious environment of the car's cabin, as well as the excellent all-round visibility.

Stepping inside, occupants are greeted by a light and airy interior with an immediate perception of quality and comfort, courtesy of the soft dashboard surface materials, thoughtfully considered decors and layout of the graining. The slim design of the front seats not only increases cabin room but the pronounced and inviting contours also offer excellent support and comfort.

Measuring 4.08m long, 1.73m wide and 1.62m tall, the C3 Picasso offers huge dimensions for such a small car. The innovative design of the C3 Picasso's compact exterior and long wheelbase, create one of the biggest cabin lengths in its class spanning 1.66m – a rival for some MPVs in the segment above.

The C3 Picasso's generous internal volumes mean occupants benefit from more roominess than any other model in the class. The high-set seats and use of slim seat-backs in the front optimises space for rear passengers who enjoy some of the best knee room in the class, even with the rear bench moved forward.  Elbow room in both the front and rear is the best in the segment at 1.43m and 1.40m respectively.

Access to the C3 Picasso's cabin is made easy by straighter, more rectangular doors that, because of the long wheel base, don't hang over the wheel arches, creating a larger aperture for users to climb in and out.

Thanks to the car's vertical rear the C3 Picasso's huge boot is the biggest in its segment with a record-breaking 500-litre VDA aperture with all five seats in place and 1506-litres with the rear bench folded completely flat. Magnetic flaps, fitted in the backs of the rear seats, fold out to extend the flat surface between the bench and the boot floor – a simple but intelligent design feature.

Adding to the car's smart versatility, the C3 Picasso also features an adjustable boot floor which can either sit level with the boot sill for easy loading or can be lowered to increase storage height in the rear. The clever boot floor also provides a hidden storage area, ideal for stowing valuable items out of sight. The three-part luggage cover, which can be used to conceal the entire boot's contents, can be neatly stowed away when not in use in this under-floor compartment.

The C3 Picasso's interior was designed to redefine user-friendliness with an intuitive design that can optimise interior space quickly and effortlessly.

The modularity of the C3 Picasso's cabin design means that in one simple hand movement the rear seats can be tumbled forward to create a flat load surface that extends right up to the front seat backs. The rear seats split fold 60:40, both parts are entirely independent, and can slide back and forth to either maximise boot volume or rear passenger legroom. On Exclusive models, the front passenger's seat can also be folded down into a completely flat desk position, further extending the platform to an impressive 2.41m of flat load space.

Aircraft-style trays mounted on the backs of the front seats featuring integrated reading lights and cup-holders are available. And a fold down armrest in the centre of the rear seats with a built in compartment also provides a ‘ski-flap' allowing access to the boot for transporting long objects without folding the seats down.

Like its C4 Picasso siblings, the C3 Picasso also features a variety of innovative and practical storage compartments – a place for each object and passenger.

There are also two useful storage sills for both driver and front passenger, ideal for pens, finished with attractive and functional non-slip trim.

Providing simple, easy to access storage for the driver, the C3 Picasso also features a box in the upper centre of the dashboard with a push-pull lid, dampened opening and soft touch finish. This handy compartment also houses the built in air freshener. Further storage spaces are available such as a drawer under the front passenger seat, ideal for maps, as well as, rear in-floor compartments, cup holders, and stowage nets.

Stepping into the C3 Picasso's spacious cabin, drivers and passengers are welcomed into an airy and light-filled environment created by the car's expansive glazed area of 3.37m2. A panoramic glass roof can also be specified allowing even more light to flood into the car's interior, increasing the total glazed area to 4.52m2 – the largest in the segment.

Through the expansive wraparound windscreen occupants are presented with a panoramic view of the world. The three-part windscreen features a slim A-pillar design creating the impression of the windscreen merging seamlessly into the side windows. With this innovative feature, drivers are afforded a commanding 86.8° angle of vision from their seat – the best in the segment.

From the beginning of the design process, an important focus of the C3 Picasso was to meet MPV driver demands for irreproachable reliability and overall quality of design. The C3 Picasso delivers a smooth, comfortable ride together with a surefooted response, precise handling and reassuring road holding in all driving conditions.

As much at home in the city as on the motorway, the C3 Picasso's compact design makes it perfect for nipping around built-up environments without compromising on cabin space. The short bonnet and vertical rear end give drivers a good feel for the car's dimensions making parking easier to judge. For even more convenience the C3 Picasso is available with rear parking sensors. The tight turning circle of just 10.3m kerb-to-kerb is also a priceless asset in built-up areas.

Further enhancing the calm and peaceful atmosphere in the C3 Picasso's cabin, the designers have paid special attention to the acoustics of the car with a focus on creating the best levels of phonic isolation. Absorbent materials were fitted in and around the engine and body to dampen mechanical sounds. With the thickest glazing in its class for both the quarter-lights and door windows – 3.85mm compared to 3.15mm on competitor models – occupants will immediately notice a perceptible cut in outside noise, allowing them to relax in the C3 Picasso's quiet and tranquil cabin.

The C3 Picasso's panoramic windscreen with its unobstructed outlook and high-set front seats put the driver in a confident position with an uncompromised view of the road providing safety and peace of mind at the wheel.

Helping the driver maintain focus on the road, the C3 Picasso has a special screen, angled towards the driver's line of sight, which displays information like the speedometer and cruise control/speed limiter. Keeping all passengers informed, other driver data and cabin information is also displayed on a central instrument cluster.

The ergonomic design of the controls and quality and comfort of the interior materials also enhance the driving experience. The sculpted contours of the seats exude first-class comfort with plentiful support. A flip-down armrest also provides a reassuring prop for long hours at the wheel. The dashboard-mounted gear stick is within easy and convenient reach. The steering wheel is height-and-reach adjustable and, for a premium touch, is available in smart leather trim.

As with the C4 and Grand C4 Picasso, the C3 Picasso is offered with a range of helpful and convenient technology that makes driving easier, safer and more enjoyable.

Rear parking sensors are available and from VTR+ trim level, cruise control and speed limiter are fitted as standard. For advanced technological assistance on the move, the C3 Picasso can be specified with Citroën's smart new integrated navigation system, MyWay. Boasting a comprehensive range of functions, the audio and multimedia system features colour satellite navigation, an MP3/WMA-compatible audio CD player and a Bluetooth® hands-free kit. With a wide, 7-inch colour screen for optimum visibility, Citroën's MyWay navigation is pre-loaded with software complete with Europe maps loaded onto an SD card and either 2D or perspective map display for more intuitive navigation.

Providing C3 Picasso users with hours and hours of music playback, mobile media players such as iPods can be connected to an auxiliary jack or the system can be specified with a USB Box allowing connectivity to a USB socket.

The C3 Picasso Exclusive features a quintessentially Citroën design touch – a removable boot light that doubles as a handheld torch. Built into the boot wall – where it functions as a boot light – the smart gadget can be removed and used as a portable flashlight giving approximately 45minutes of operation. The unit is recharged when placed back in its mounting.

Citroën's range of family-friendly MPVs are some of the safest and most secure vehicles on the road today with the Company's high benchmark for quality ensuring maximum protection for both adult and child occupants. Getting off to a safe start, the C3 Picasso has already been awarded 4-stars in the new, more comprehensive Euro NCAP rating system.

Inside, occupants are cocooned within a specially reinforced body structure fitted with up to six airbags (two front, two side and two curtain) for all-round protection.

Providing reassuring support in difficult driving situations, the C3 Picasso boasts high-level active safety with exceptionally surefooted road manners and a high-performance braking system. All models feature ABS with Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) and Emergency Braking Assistance (EBA) and there is also an Electronic Stability Programme (ESP) available with an ASR traction control system, ensuring surer stability around corners and improved control in reduced-grip conditions.

For a confident braking response, the C3 Picasso is fitted with disc brakes all round and ventilated disc brakes on the front. In the event of heavy braking or sudden deceleration, the hazard lights are automatically activated to warn vehicles behind.

For securely fitting child seats, the C3 Picasso is equipped with two Isofix anchor points on the two, outside, rear seats. A seatbelt warning system alerts drivers to occupants undoing their seatbelts via an audible warning and graphic display panel. Drivers can also keep a visual check on young passengers with the option of a specially designed child mirror which can be flipped down from its position just above the interior rear-view mirror. An automatic door locking system is fitted as standard that can be set to activate when the vehicle is in motion to prevent doors being opened by accident.

The high levels of both safety and security on Citroën's newest MPV mean that owners not only benefit from peace of mind but also some of the best insurance ratings in its class, as low as group 3E. Citroën's dedication to vehicle security has earned it more accolades at the 2008 British Insurance Car Security Awards than any other manufacturer.

The C3 Picasso is available with a choice of four 5-speed manual engines from launch – two new petrol engines, which have been co-developed with BMW and two well established HDi diesel units – allowing drivers to select their ideal blend of agile city performance and long-distance fuel economy.

The two petrol units – VTi 95 and VTi 120 – combine efficient economy with responsive performance and lowered CO 2 emissions – the VTi 120 already complies with future Euro V pollution standards and emits just 159g/km of CO 2 .

Both diesel engines – the HDi 90 and HDi 110 DPFS – are from Citroën's impressive HDi line up boasting near 60mpg fuel economy and low combined-cycle CO 2 emissions of just 125g/km and 130g/km respectively. The HDi 110 also features an ‘overboost' function that increases turbo pressure when an extra burst of power is needed.

The HDi 110 unit's low emissions and particulate filter system (DPFS) fitted as standard means that it qualifies for Citroën's Airdream® signature, a label reserved only for the Company's most environmentally respectful vehicles. Citroën's HDi diesel range can also be run on up to 30% bio-diesel, without modification.

Offering value for money at a competitive price, the entry-level VT model features generous levels of standard equipment such as an MP3-compatible CD player with steering wheel mounted controls, electrically adjustable door mirrors, front electric windows and a trip computer.

At the heart of the range, the VTR+ trim gains smart 16” alloy wheels, air conditioning, cruise control with speed limiter as well as additional airbags, a child surveillance mirror and three retractable rear head restraints.

The range-topping Exclusive model offers premium levels of design and comfort with additional equipment such as dual-zone automatic air conditioning, rear parking sensors, automatic rain-sensitive windscreen wipers, a completely flat folding front passenger seat, ski flap, dark tinted windows and smart leather and chrome touches throughout the interior.

Buyers can personalise their C3 Picasso with a choice of eight body colours and four upholstery options to suit their style requirements. There is also a choice of stylish alloy wheels with cool 16” ‘Blade' wheels available on both VTR+ and Exclusive models, whilst the dynamic-looking black painted 17” ‘Clover' wheels are a tempting option on the Exclusive trim. The C3 Picasso is fitted with low-rolling resistance Michelin tyres which help improve fuel economy and lower CO 2 emissions. These are standard on 15” wheels fitted to VT models and 16” wheels on VTR+ and Exclusive models.

Citroen C3 Picasso


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