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Even before it arrives, in 2009, the C3 Picasso, has already been named `Family Car of the Year' at the 2008 Top Gear Awards.

C3 PICASSO: Citroen's “magic box”

 The new-generation C3 Picasso MPV will be making its public debut at the upcoming Paris Motor Show and appearing in showrooms in first-quarter 2009.

 The C3 Picasso bears all the hallmark creativity of Citroën and stands out with its bold styling and innovative architecture. Its cabin is astonishingly airy and spacious considering its compact exterior dimensions.

And the newcomer's modular design is as intuitive as it is easy to use, making it tremendously versatile for all lifestyles and travelling needs. Powered by a range of efficient, economical and low-pollution engines, the C3 Picasso also brings pleasure-seeking drivers all the verve and agility they could wish for.

The C3 Picasso's size, intelligent design and bubbly spirit make it more than a simple MPV; a more apt description would be “magic box”.

Produced at the Trnava plant in Slovakia to the tune of 110,000 units a year, it is set to become a key model in the segment, following in the footsteps of big sisters C4 Picasso and Grand C4 Picasso, the best-selling MPVs in Europe in 2008.

Devilish charm

Citroën has skilfully played off the opposing qualities of round vs. square, strength vs. charm, modernity vs. retro, and large volume vs. flowing lines to design a vehicle with breakthrough styling and an appealing, impish personality.

The C3 Picasso's pure and functional body styling expresses its fundamental purpose: passenger comfort at all times in all situations.

Small outside, big inside

With its innovative architecture, the C3 Picasso conjures a cavernous interior out of a compact exterior. Measuring 4.08 m long, 1.73 m wide and 1.62 m tall, it has a surprisingly short front end and a strictly vertical back. These original proportions offer all passengers an incredible amount of room. The boot is equally capacious. With 500 litres under the parcel shelf with all five seats in place, it sets a new standard in the segment.

Making life easier

The C3 Picasso redefines user-friendliness with its intuitive modular design that can optimise interior space in record time. The split-fold rear seats slide independently over 150 mm for the comfort of all passengers, whatever their shape or size. The seats can be folded away with one hand in one simple movement using a control on the upper part of the rear seats. Combined with a mobile boot floor, this function provides a completely flat load surface right up to the seatbacks in row one.

Load length can be further extended – to over 2.41 m – by folding the back of the front passenger seat down into desk position.

Bubble of light

C3 Picasso drivers and passengers are blessed with a panoramic view of the world. The driving position offers unrivalled peripheral vision thanks to the innovative, three-part windscreen with slim pillars and to the high-set seating position that gives drivers a commanding view of the road.

Wrapped in a striking glass envelope, the cabin is flooded with light. Total glazed area is an impressive 4.52 m 2 with the panoramic roof.

The restful feel onboard is boosted further by particularly comfortable seats and excellent sound insulation.

And the C3 Picasso's consummate quality and reliability make travelling a relaxing pleasure for all occupants.

More than an MPV, a real driver's car

C3 Picasso drivers get a whole new experience of driving pleasure that sets a new standard in the segment.

The car's compact dimensions and tight turning circle make it incredibly agile and able to dodge obstacles with ease. The C3 Picasso has a vehicle attitude worthy of a saloon, bringing drivers complete peace of mind in all driving conditions.

The C3 Picasso is also fitted with a range of high-performance, economical engines. It will ship with two new-generation petrol units – the VTi 95 and VTi 120 – and two diesels, the HDi 90 and HDi 110 DPFS, renowned for their driving pleasure and efficiency.

CO 2 emissions are among the lowest in its category, making the C3 Picasso a vehicle with real respect for the environment. When the vehicle is shod with 16-inch tyres, which will be the case on most versions, the two HDi engines emit 125 and 130 g of CO 2 per km. Both engines carry the Airdream® eco-label. Most of the vehicles with petrol engines achieve similar aims, with market-best emission levels of below 160 g .   


Bold styling for a new approach to volume

•  Generous and attractive styling

•  Pure and functional object

Small outside, big inside 

•  Exterior designed to boost versatility

•  Maximum roominess for more freedom of movement

•  Record-breaking boot size


•  Comprehensive and intuitive modularity

•  Ingenious storage

Bubble of light

•  Panoramic view commanding the road

•  Driving position for enhanced on-road experience

•  Impeccable seating comfort

•  Acoustic comfort worthy of the segment above

•  Top-level quality for pleasure and peace of mind

An enchanting drive

•  Roadholding worthy of a saloon

•  High-performance, economical engines with minimal environmental impact

•  Class-beating safety features  



The C3 Picasso stands out with its breakthrough styling. The new model's body design immediately tells the onlooker about its personality and myriad charms.

Generous and attractive styling

The first thing people notice is the car's looks. Its cube shape suggests generous cabin space while the rounded forms soften the whole. With its unique styling, the C3 Picasso joins the long and illustrious list of big-personality Citroëns.

The C3 Picasso's short overhang front and rear reveals the importance placed on the cabin and make it remarkably compact and easy to handle.

The reassuring and charming front end has a distinctive, imposing bonnet and high-set, “smiling” headlamps. The ensemble conveys robustness and agility.

The verticality of the rear end reflects the quest for optimum boot size.

The C3 Picasso is a new breed of MPV with an appealing, impish personality.

Pure and functional object

The lines of the C3 Picasso exude a sense of purity. The body also expresses fluidity, with smooth, rolling shapes. Every detail fits seamlessly into the overall design, a perfect example being the rear lights.

This purity immediately conveys the vehicle's main character traits, namely robustness and agility, power and driving pleasure, roominess and comfort. These qualities are suggested outside and served up inside.

The opulent cabin is strong on perceived quality, setting the C3 Picasso apart from its rivals in the segment. Perceived quality is evident in the ultra-soft dashboard surface materials and the thoughtfully designed decors, including the stowage compartments, and also in the layout of the graining.


The innovative architecture of the C3 Picasso conjures a spacious cabin out of a compact exterior, making it a practical, comfortable and welcoming vehicle.

Exterior designed to boost versatility

The C3 Picasso's dimensions – 4.08 m long, 1.73 wide and 1.62 m high – confirm its versatility in use.

The car is the result of a new step forward in body design, one in which the roomy and versatile shapes of an MPV meld with those of an SUV, for more motoring pleasure and freedom. Like the C4 Picasso and Grand C4 Picasso, it challenges received notions in the compact MPV segment that is often seen as too staid.

The C3 Picasso's remarkably compact design makes it perfect for city use without compromising cabin space. Citroën achieved this balancing trick through the vertical shape at the back, which gives drivers a good feel for the dimensions of the car and thus make it easier to park and manoeuvre in tight urban spaces. A tight turning circle of 10.3 m kerb-to-kerb is also a priceless asset in cities.

Maximum roominess for more freedom of movement

A 2.54-m wheelbase and totally vertical rear give the C3 Picasso standard-setting cabin length and height.

But more than anything, it is the interior architecture that ensures this unrivalled roominess. Cabin length totals 1,663 mm – one of the best scores in the segment.

The high-set seats (370 mm in the front) free up a considerable amount of foot space for passengers in the back. Space for back seat passengers is boosted most of all by the use of slim seat backs and bases. Cabin length in the C3 Picasso rivals with that of a number of MPVs in the segment above. Knee room is bountiful even with the rear bench moved forward, while rear seat-base-to-ceiling room, at 122 mm, is equally impressive. Elbow room front and rear is best-in-segment, at 1.43 m and 1.40 m, respectively.

Record-breaking boot size

The C3 Picasso's standard-setting cabin space in no way impinges on boot size. Quite the opposite: boot volume is 500 litres VDA under the parcel shelf with all five seats up, making it the biggest in the segment. And with the rear bench down, this figure increases to 1,506 litres!

The boot also ships with an optional, dual-function portable flash light. Built into the boot wall – where it functions as a boot light – it can also be used as a hand-held torch. With an operating autonomy of 45 minutes, it recharges on its base when the engine is running.



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