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Chrysler Crossfire

The year 1998 felt like a nuptial for Mercedes Benz and Chrysler but even after 5 years nothing came from them. Year 2004 looked like the most awaited one as the knock unleashed the first from the house, the Chrysler Crossfire. The model undoubtedly turned to be the one worth this wait with its performance, comfort and yes the first model to befit the Chrysler’s heraldic winged crown. Though we feel most of its features and the looks are taken from the Mercedes-Benz's, for example let us take its 18-valve, 3.2 liter V6 engine which has been taken from the Mercedes E Class and M Class vehicles.

Still we believe there is no harm in amalgamating perfect singles to make the Crown holder. This model in particular the Chrysler Crossfire we believe is one of the kinds. Let us have a quick descriptive look at its features.



· Length: 159.8 in

· Height: 51.4 in

· Width: 69.5 in

· Wheelbase: 94.5 in

· Ground clearance: 4.9 in

· Base Curb Weight: 3061 Pounds (1388 Kg)


· Engine: 3.2 Liter 18-Valve V6

· Power: 215 HP

· Torque: 310 nm


The Chrysler Crossfire has the basic interior with serene arena. This is long riders’ piece of model which they can rely upon for long drives with quality performance through its high power engine and comfort at its best. It has a three spoke leather finished steering fixed on dashboard. As far as dashboard itself is concerned it is a very neat and clean piece of engineering available in dual colors contrasting each other well. There are 4 air vents in total one on each side and two right above the centre console. The metallic finish center console indeed adds to the interior of this Chrysler Crossfire’s look. As about space is concerned it is well to take a six feet guy on its rear seats without letting him try ugly postures and allow him to enjoy the drive with all ease.

Talking about the exterior it has a sporty look with formal appearance. Well to get this better you can imagine your bulky sports player wearing formals. The lovely fenders and coiled flanks getting accompanied with the improbable coxcomb rising from the roofline add distinctively to the looks of Chrysler Crossfire.


With its powerful 3.2 Liter V6 engine producing magnificent power of 215 Hp and 310 nm torque the vehicle commendably takes you to a sporting experience. The Chrysler Crossfire is mated to either six speed manual transmission or five speed automatic with rear wheel drive. The power gets an additional star with its low weight body, weighing just 3061 pounds. The entire body is kept on 18” front wheels and 19” rear giving you a stable, dependable drive on high speeds too.

Also Chrysler Crossfire looking at its specifications is expected to touch the top speed of 129 mph with sprint of 0-60 mph in just 6.8 seconds. We hope that our statement describing an athlete wearing formals found its meaning.

As far as price of Chrysler Crossfire is concerned it stands at the MSRP of $35,660 only.

Chrysler Crossfire


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