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Chevrolet Aveo 2011

  • Sporty driving experience
  • Assertive, sleek exterior
  • Refined, upscale interior with smart storage opportunities
  • Efficient, low-emission engines; new six-speed automatic transmission
  • For sale in summer 2011

Prior to the launch of the highly successful Cruze, the Aveo was Chevrolet's best-selling car globally. An all-new Aveo goes on sale this summer and it is designed to expand on the nameplate's success in the highly competitive small car market. It will be offered as a five-door hatch and as a sedan, each delivering excellent ride and handling characteristics and a sporty and sophisticated design, as well as roominess and fuel efficiency.
Equally at home on the daily commute to work or the weekend drive to the countryside, the new Aveo is a compelling choice for young and young-at-heart, style-conscious drivers – and it complements a range of exciting new Chevrolet designs that will be launched throughout 2011, Chevrolet's centennial year.
"It's such an exciting time to be at Chevrolet: Not only do we have new entries into the MPV and compact classes, in Aveo we have a completely new car which is ready to compete against the best in the small-car segment, which is also Europe's largest segment," says Wayne Brannon, President and Managing Director of Chevrolet Europe.
The latest edition of the Aveo is an all-new vehicle that includes a completely redesigned exterior and passenger cabin, a newly developed chassis and body structure, as well as an upgraded range of fuel-efficient, low-emission engines.
The Aveo has been engineered to make everyday driving in a small car a more dynamic and enjoyable experience, while delivering practical, hands-on solutions and value. In order to ensure responsive handling, engineers developed an all-new chassis for the Aveo that is among the most rigid in its segment.
Featuring a sporty exterior that speaks Chevrolet's global design language, the all-new Chevrolet Aveo appeals to the young and the young-at-heart. This holds true for both body styles, but especially for the five-door hatchback, with its aggressive, flowing body lines. Meanwhile, the all-new four-door version conveys a more mature, upscale feel. The notchback is aimed at young families in particular.
"In many regions of Europe, and chiefly in parts of south and eastern Europe, small sedans play an important role as they are often bought by families where the car is the only one in the household," says Wayne Brannon, explaining the significance of the Aveo notchback within the Chevrolet product range.
A road-gripping ride
The new Aveo's sporty driving experience is a key feature that contributes to the car's appeal. It consists of an exceptionally rigid body-frame-integral structure, with the upper body and the frame engineered as a single unit, ensuring a more mass-efficient and stiffer structure. Advanced steels used on the new Aveo have considerably greater tensile strength, which improves passenger safety.
A McPherson strut front suspension with coil springs and stabilizer bar, and a torsion beam axle-mount compound link-type rear suspension, deliver a tempered, stable ride. The vehicle's outstanding feedback to the driver is enhanced by electronic stability control (ESC) and a column-mounted electric power steering system (EPS), which is available on models equipped with the 1.2 liter gasoline or 1.3 liter turbo-diesel engines. This sophisticated support system includes a wear compensator to guarantee consistently precise steering as the vehicle ages.
Meanwhile, the Aveo's tight body-frame-integral structure is also key to the vehicle's advanced safety performance. In the event of an accident, the roof will be able to carry 4.2 times the car's weight. A carefully tuned set of sensors is wired to six airbags that are standard in Europe, along with a four-channel anti-lock braking system (ABS) with brake assist. In addition, the driver can activate cruise control with speed limiter function. Once the set maximum speed is reached, the system triggers an audible alarm.
The Aveo also offers a quiet, relaxed driving experience. Refined noise control measures have, in some instances, resulted in a damping performance that is 10 to 40 percent greater than previously applied materials and techniques.
Two distinctive body styles
The new Aveo's external styling will bring a fresh breath of youth and sportiness to the segment. At the front end, the Aveo's large, dual-port grille with the centrally positioned bowtie immediately identify it as a Chevrolet.
A key signature element distinguishing the Aveo is its exposed, motorcycle-inspired headlamps, which are devoid of any lens cover. They are housed in dual tubes, with high-gloss black bezels and chrome rings. Pronounced wheel arch forms, the 114 mm offset between the roof-rails and short overhangs underscore the hatchback's planted, assertive posture.
As is the case in the Chevrolet Spark, the hatchback's rear door pull handles are positioned in the upper section of the door, creating a coupe-like appearance. The hatchback's taillamps have no lens cover and play harmoniously with the vehicle's front-end design. In contrast, the notchback's rear lamps are enveloped by a dual element lens, delivering a touch of chic to the sleek, aerodynamically refined sedan. The sedan is 360 mm longer than the hatchback, which measures 4039 mm in length.
All wheels feature Chevrolet's five-spoke design and are available in the following sizes and styles: 15-inch steel and alloy, as well as 16-inch and 17-inch alloy.
Sporty sophistication inside
A high level of detail applied in the design of the Aveo's passenger cabin has resulted in a more upscale execution that is typically seen in higher-segment vehicles. On the same trim level, there is no difference in interior layout or styling between the hatchback and the sedan.
The Aveo's distinctive dual-cockpit has been derived from the Chevrolet Corvette – one of the world's most iconic sports cars. It incorporates another distinctive design element – a wraparound instrument panel that flows into the driver's and front passenger's door. To the left and the right, round HVAC outlets protrude from the instrument panel surface.
The instrument cluster further carries the motorcycle theme apparent on the exterior, incorporating a round speedometer and a digital LCD readout. Ice-blue ambient backlighting adds a stylish, contemporary feel to the cabin.
Smartly designed stowage features enhance Aveo's attention to detail. Along with two glove boxes, including one with an integrated USB outlet, various small compartments and door pockets, as well as three cupholders at the front, provide generous storage space for items of many sizes. All electronic devices installed in the upper glove-box can be operated through the steering-wheel controls or radio interfaces.
The notchback's trunk provides 502 liters of cargo volume, ranking it among the best in class; the equivalent of 653 liters can be stored in the hatchback's rear, when the rear seat is folded – more than enough for a weekend foray or the preceding drive to the mall.
Efficient and fuel-saving powertrains
Fuel efficiency and enjoyable driving that creates a small environmental footprint were the main criteria guiding the design of the Aveo's engine lineup. The 1.6 liter gasoline engine (115 hp) gives the Aveo strong acceleration characteristics and an immediate feeling of performance during low-speed driving.
The petrol engine range also includes two 1.2 liter versions rated at 70 hp and 86 hp, respectively, a 1.4 liter unit (100 hp) and a 1.6 liter engine (115 hp). From this autumn, the new Aveo will also be offered with a 1.3 liter turbo-diesel engine – the first in a small Chevrolet in Europe – featuring common-rail fuel injection, start/stop technology and a variable-geometry turbocharger.
The 1.2 liter, 1.4 liter and 1.6 liter four-cylinder gasoline engines feature dual-overhead camshafts and variable valve timing. Their a cast-iron cylinder block is based on a hollow frame structure. The 1.2 liter and 1.4 liter engines feature a cast-iron bedplate that provides a stiffer structure, resulting in quieter and smoother engine performance. The 1.6 liter engine has a toothed timing belt that has a change interval of every 10 years or 160,000 kilometers.
Fuel consumption on a combined cycle is 5.1 liters/100 km for the 86 hp version of the 1.2 liter engine and 6.6 liters/100 km in the case of the 1.6 liter engine coupled with a manual transmission. The 1.2 liter Ecotec gasoline engine will emit 119 g of CO2 per km.
The Aveo will be the first Chevrolet small car to sport a six-speed automatic transmission. One of its principal advantages is the positioning of the gear sets which have been placed on the same axis as the engine crankshaft centerline. Among the benefits resulting from this modification are a shorter powertrain, a lower hood line and increased interior space.

Summary of key engine data

Engine capacity Output
Max. torque
0-100 km/h
Max. Speed
(combined cycle) L/100km
1,2L 70 51/70 @ 5600 rpm 115 NM @ 4000 rpm 14.3 secs 162 5.9 138
1.2L 86 63/86 @ 5600 rpm 115 NM @ 4000 rpm 13.6 secs 183 5.1 119
1,4L 74/100 @ 6000 rpm 130 NM @ 4000 rpm 12.2secs (13.1) 177 (175) 5,9 (6,8) 139 (159)
1,6L 85/115 @ 6000 rpm 155 NM @ 4000 rpm 11.3 secs (11.7) 189 (186) 6,6 (7,2) 156 (169)

Figures for automatic transmissions in brackets.

Chevrolet Aveo 2011


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