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Image Copyright: Brabus

Brabus Zero Emission Tesla S 2015 Review

At the Frankfurt Motor Show 2015 Brabus introduced it’s another tuned vehicle, Brabus Zero Emission Tesla S 2015. Yes this time it’s the electric car and with this model Brabus has announced that more zero emission models are likely to come very soon for now this recent unveil of a Tesla gained commendable eyeballs. Let us have a look at the review of Brabus Zero Emission Tesla S 2015 to know more about it.



· Engine: Twin AC induction motor

· Power: 772 hp

· 0-60 mph: 2.8 seconds

· Top Speed: 155 mph


The interior upgrades of Brabus Zero Emission Tesla S 2015 are pretty simple yet catchy. The seats get dip into leather and Alcantara while the center console offers some additional space. Not only has this, the cup holders which are carried from the standard model, now come with heating and cooling function. To add to your experience the model is also equipped with a wireless phone charger. Like most of the Brabus tuned vehicles this one also gets doorsill scuff plates featuring a color-changing Brabus logo. Thus rounding up the entire interior details of Brabus Zero Emission Tesla S 2015 I would say, though the upgrades are limited but those integrated are undoubtedly eye soothing and commendably add to the blend of luxury and comfort.


No doubts that the standard model was already a treat to eyes through its looks and had already that a performance sedan must hold but just like the interior, exterior of Brabus Zero Emission Tesla S 2015 has those nips and touches that make it look better. The best in this list is the addition of carbon-fiber aero components, the list of these components includes side air intake extensions, rear diffuser and a front splitter. Moving further to check the performance, the components have been tested to proficiency scale through wind-tunnel testing, so as to improve airflow to radiators and reduce front end lift at speed. The entire setup rolls over 21-inch Brabus Monoblock Y wheels wrapped in Pirelli, Yokohama or continental tires. In all rounding up the entire exterior of Brabus Zero Emission Tesla S 2015 I would say it is sportive, luxurious and elegant.


There isn’t any change in the performance figures of Brabus Zero Emission Tesla S 2015, however sharing the minutes we would like to highlight that the model rolls over total output of 772 hp through the twin AC induction motor. It is an all-wheel-drive setup under which 259 hp are sent to front wheels while the rest of 503 hp are sent to rear. The power thus enthralling the vehicle is capable of completing the 0-60 mph sprint in 2.8 seconds while the top speed of Brabus Zero Emission Tesla S 2015 touches the mark of 155 mph.

Brabus Zero Emission Tesla S 2015


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