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BMW 135i unofficially official

BMW released some official pictures and a press release today even though the news has not made it to BMW's press site. What you see is the new BMW 135i Coupe. Set to be released in the spring of 2008, the new car will come in two versions - 128i and 135i. The 128i will feature a 230hp inline 6 with 200 lb/ft of torque. The more exciting 135i will feature the same twin turbo engine found in the 335i, producing 300hp and 300 lb/ft of torque. The 135i should be good for 0-62 mph in 5.3 seconds and top speed electronically regulated to 155 mph. Continue reading for the official (yet unofficial) press release and wallpapers.

Official Press Release

Woodcliff Lake, NJ –Since its introduction in 1966, the BMW 2002 has been at the core of BMW’s philosophy. By combining exhilarating rear-wheel-drive performance, agile handling, seating for four and powerful value, the 2002 created a new niche—the sport sedan—that is still a BMW stronghold today. The understated appearance never belied its capabilities but those who knew performance, knew the 2002. In 2008, BMW will introduce a modern and authentic performance coupe that will be the next BMW legend—the 128i Coupe and the 135i Coupe.

The 128i Coupe is powered by a 3.0-liter, 230 horsepower inline 6-cyinder engine that generates 200 lb-ft of torque. Featuring Valvetronic valvetrain management and aluminum/magnesium contruction, the elements of BMW’s EfficientDynamics mindset is alive and well in the 128i. The more powerful 135i is briskly motivated by a twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder engine that produces 300 horsepower and an incredible 300 lb-ft of torque from as low as 1,400 rpm. With its direct piezo gasoline injectors, twin low-mass turbochargers and air-to-air intercooling, optimum performance and economy is achieved with no loss in engine response. For the 135i Coupe, acceleration from 0-62 mph is 5.3 seconds and top speed is electronically limited to 155 mph. Both engines feature on-demand engine coolant pumps that improve fuel economy and reduce parastic losses for increased output.

Handsome looks with sporting intentions

The new 1 Series combines unique, dynamic and unmistakable coupe design elements with a powerful and muscular body. The greenhouse with its characteristic “Hofmeister kink” is moved rearward and offers a particularly nimble look with its long hood. Its short front overhang, long wheelbase and large frameless doors sit on a body with a striking shoulder line for a modern interpretation of BMW’s characteristic look. On the 135i Coupe, a standard M Aerodynamic Kit appears.

The 1 Series boasts aggresive rear end styling with new taillamps specific to this new model. A particularly interesting feature is the trunklid with its spoiler chiselled into the rear end of the car, accentuating the short rear section and building up extra downforce on the rear end at high speeds.

The individual sections within the L-shaped rear taillights follow the horizontal orientation of the car’s lines at the rear. The back-up lights and directional indicators form a white band across the back of the 1 Series. Horizontal lights integrated in the rear light clusters offer a homogeneous lighting effect with a help of light-emitting diodes (LEDs). This light design, as found on other BMW models, makes the BMW 1 Series Coupe stand out in the dark. Also, the Adaptive Brakelights operating in two stages in relation to brake application force, are yet another feature typical of BMW, with the additional benefit of extra safety on the road.

Available as an option on the 128i (standard on the 135i) Xenon headlights with Adaptive Headlight feature complete with integrated Cornering Lights make driving in the dark safer than ever before. The daytime headlight function in typical BMW style with two corona rings on each headlight unit enhances the perception of the car under normal and “murky” light conditions.

Luxurious interior appointments with today’s technology

The innovative interior design incorporates high-quality and sophisticated trim elements with luxurious upholstery and color choices. A rear 60/40 split rear seat is standard. The control console for the entertainment and air conditioning functions is integrated smoothly and harmoniously into the dashboard through its soft radii and flowing surfaces. The Controller featured in the optional iDrive control system is integrated to the center console, again following BMW’s characteristic philosophy. Galvanized pearl gloss surfaces adorn the interior door handles, the glove compartment handle, the radio’s rotary knobs, on the knobs of the automatic air conditioning system, on the iDrive Controller, and on the ornamental trim strips featured on the optional leather sports steering wheel.

Also available as an option, Boston leather upholstery adds further style to the high-quality impression of the interior. And as a practical feature, map pockets are integrated in the lower part of the doors. Map nets in the backrests of the front seats available as an option and a storage shelf between the individual rear seats featured as standard enhance the range of storage options to an even higher level. The BMW 1 Series Coupe is available with a choice of two upholstery options—sporty and comfortable Leatherette or rich Boston Leather. When the optional Sport Package is selected, sports seats are then included for enhanced side support and are finished in highly distinctive leatherette materials and can also be optioned with Boston leather.

Enhanced iDrive and integration of an external MP3 player.

Interacting with the central Controller, the optional iDrive control system enables the driver to mastermind all secondary and comfort functions easily and conveniently to control all communication, air conditioning, entertainment and optional navigation functions with perfect ease.

In the BMW 1 Series Coupe, the newest version of iDrive is equipped with six Programmable Memory Keys that allows one to individually program functions that are used particularly often such as navigation destinations, radio stations or specific telephone numbers. The sensors on the buttons preview the function on the iDrive screen by a simple touch before the driver actually presses down the button to use the stored function. This allows him or her to choose the function safely and conveniently, always keeping his eyes on the road in the process.

A wide choice of audio, communication and navigation options are available, never before seen in the compact performance market include SIRIUS satellite radio, HD radio, Premium Sound, Bluetooth interfaces For simple and straightforward connections of an MP3 player, an Auxiliary input jack is standard, and a USB port for direct control of an Apple iPod or iPhone media player is available separately.

The mid-range speakers and tweeters differ visually from conventional loudspeakers. They are recognizable by the silver loudspeaker covers and by a grille, which - to match the hexagonal structure of the diaphragm - has a honeycomb design. The lightweight and ultra-stiff Hexacone diaphragms are particularly suitable for both powerful and demanding sound reproduction. Not only do they have generous power reserves but they also offer a high degree of effectiveness. The maximal acoustic pressure is 112 dBA, the frequency range being 18 to 24 kHz. Both subwoofers are located in the vehicle floor and the mid-range speakers and tweeters are installed in the doors or in the rear panels, in the instrument panel, in the mirror triangles and in the rear shelf respectively.

High-tech suspension with newly-developed final drive

In typical BMW style, the new BMW 1 Series Coupe transmits the power of the engine to the rear wheels. This design concept and configuration – engine at the front, drive wheels at the rear – guarantees optimum traction, good weight distribution front-to-rear, excellent directional stability, and safe handling. And the separation of drive power and steering, to add a further important point, gives the car extremely agile driving behavior at all times.

The new 1 Series has an elaborately designed suspension with an aluminium double-joint axle at the front, a five-link rear axle in lightweight steel and Dynamic Stability Control. BMW’s Dynamic Stability Control also includes a Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) function that still provides electronic intervention to prevent loss of vehicle control, but at a higher actication point. If the driver desires, both DSC and DTC can be disabled entirely. Active Steering, a variable ratio steering system exclusive to BMW, is available as an option. Traction by electronic rear brake management provides a high level of differential lock on the BMW 135i Coupe.

The final drive on the 1 Series comes from a new generation of final drive units optimized for running smoothness. Featuring double-helical ball bearings for the first time, the final drive runs at an even lower operating temperature reached more quickly than before thanks to the reduction of fluid required in the final drive transmission.

The front axle on the BMW 1 Series is also built to a standard quite unique to its competitive group. The double-pivot spring and strut front axle with its anti-roll bar, is made largely of aluminium and offers an optimum combination of stiffness and low weight. Together with the very stable track control arms and thrust rods, as well as exact wheel guidance, makes an important contribution to the car’s driving dynamics.

Driving dynamic programs for perfect handling of the car

The BMW 1 Series Coupe benefits from BMW’s industry-leading brake and stability control systems. Standard ABS (Anti-lock Brake System) and ASC (Automatic Stability Control) prevent the drive wheels from spinning while CBC (Cornering Brake Control) stabilizes the car whenever necessary during application of the brakes in a bend.

All of these functions are part of the car’s DSC Dynamic Stability Control that can apply the brakes to each individual wheel in particularly demanding situations and by reducing engine power, it can prevent the rear end of the car from swerving around (oversteer) or the front of the car from “pushing” out of a bend (understeer).

When networked with the optional Active Steering, DSC can is also prevent the car from swerving out of control on slippery surfaces by countersteering with the appropriate amount to allow the driver to regain control.

To ensure enhanced traction when the DSC is completely switched off, a software-controlled locking function slows down the drive wheels when spinning in an appropriate, properly controlled process. This, in turn, enhances the car’s traction without any negative effects on its steering behavior.

High safety standards exceeding International requirements

No less than six airbags come as standard within the new BMW 1 Series Coupe for optimum protection of the car’s occupants. The frontal airbags are activated in two stages as a function of impact severity, while side airbags integrated into the sides of the front seat backrests reduce the risk of injury at chest and hip levels in side impact situations. HPS (Head Protection System) side curtain airbags fitted in the roof lining protect both the occupants on the front seats and the passengers at the rear. The new BMW 1 Series Coupe also comes with crash-optimized seats with specially padded headrests and backrests significantly reducing the risk of injury in an impact from the rear.

All seats within the 1 Series Coupe are fitted with three-point inertia-reel seat belts and headrests, with the front seat belts fastened on the frames of the driver’s and front passenger’s seats, keeping the belt in an optimum position around the occupant’s hips regardless of seat height.

Also, the driver’s pedals move back automatically with a predetermined amount of deformation in the event of a head-on collision so that the risk of driver foot injury is reduced to a minimum. And last but not least, the rear seats come with ISOFIX fastenings for child seats standard.

M-inspired Performance for the 135i Coupe

The standard M Sports Package for the 135i Coupe offers more performance and a striking look. Features of the M Sports Package include M Sports Suspension for higher traction and reduced body roll, 18-inch wheels with performance tires, M logo doorsill trims, an M leather sport steering wheel and an M logo footrest for the driver’s left foot. The leather appointments on the gearshift lever and handbrake, as well as the handbrake handle are finished in high-quality soft leather. The roof lining on the M Sports Package comes in Anthracite, and the interior features offered in this package are rounded off by Glacier Silver aluminium interior trim that highlights the sporting character of the cockpit. The M Sports Suspension also comes with a high-performance brake system incorporating six-piston fixed calipers on the front axle and two-piston fixed calipers at the rear.

The particularly sports-minded driver of the BMW 135i Coupe will also be happy to know that aesthetic dynamics have also been adjusted accordingly for his or her tastes, thanks the included M Aerodynamics Package. The M Aerodynamics Package includes specially-designed front and rear bumpers as well as special rocker sills and foglamps. Together, they give the 135i Coupe a signature BMW M look in a tasteful yet distinctive manner.

The new BMW 135i Coupe comes not only with a sports suspension, but also with appropriate modifications of the ASC and DSC driving stability systems, taking the particularly sporting character of the car into account. And as a further point the top model in the range has an even more spontaneous control map for the gas pedal.

BMW 135i unofficially official


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