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BMW 1-Series Convertible 2012

BMW 135i Convertible Receives Exciting Upgrades for 2012. Woodcliff Lake, NJ – EMBARGO December 15, 6:00PM EST …BMW today announced several modifications to the 2012 BMW 1 Series Convertible that accentuate efficiency and premium quality. The unmistakable profile of the 1 Series Convertible, which represents the purest expression of BMW DNA is now sharper than ever. The new design of the front fascia includes BMW’s innovative
Air Curtain that counters turbulence near the wheel arches and so reduces the
aerodynamic resistance of the vehicle. New exterior design accents have been
incorporated into the headlight and tail light clusters. In the interior, new switches
and controls have a more refined look and feel. The updated 1 Series Convertible
will go on sale this Spring. For drivers whose definition of Joy includes wind in the face and sunshine above, the BMW 1 Series Convertible continues the tradition established by the iconic BMW 2002 sport sedan. The essence of such driving purity – a responsive inline-6
engine perfectly positioned within a rear-drive chassis to provide balanced, sporty
dynamics – is at the heart of this compact four-seat convertible. For the 2012
model year, two versions are available with inline-6 power: the 128i and the 135i.
Powered by a 3.0-liter, 230 horsepower inline-6 engine that generates 200 lb-ft
of torque, the 128i Convertible features BMW’s Valvetronic throttle-less intake
technology and aluminum/magnesium construction—core elements of BMW’s
EfficientDynamics. The 2012 BMW 135i features BMW’s newest, 3.0-liter inline-6 engine. Equipped with a single, twin-scroll turbocharger and BMW’s revolutionary Valvetronic
throttle-less intake technology, the engine produces 300 horsepower and 300 lbft
of torque. Refered to internally as the “N55”, the engine reaches peak torque
at 1,200 rpm and maintains peak torque all the way to 5,000 rpm. With High - 2 -
Precision direct gasoline injectors, optimum performance and fuel efficiency are
achieved with even faster engine response across the entire engine speed range.
For the 135i Convertible, acceleration from 0-60 mph is accomplished with the
standard 6-speed manual transmission in 5.4 seconds. The 135i can be equipped with BMW’s 7-speed Double Clutch Transmission (DCT), as featured on the BMW Z4 Roadster. Equipped with DCT, the 135i Convertible will accomplish the 0-60 mph sprint in a scorching 5.3 seconds. A 6- speed Steptronic automatic remains o ptional on the 128i. So equipped, the 128i Convertible runs 0-60 mph in 7.0 seconds, or 6.4 seconds with the standard 6-
speed manual transmission.
Innovative Aerodynamics: Air Curtains.
Consistency between form and function is crucial to engineers at BMW who seek
perfect balance of various aerodynamic factors in the wind tunnel. As a result, the
new Air Curtain is BMW’s latest aerodynamic innovation. Introduced first on the
BMW 1 Series M Coupe, the Air Curtain will now be a standard feature on the 128i
Convertible. The Air Curtain improves air flow around the front wheel arches with
the benefit of significantly reduced turbulence. The 128i Convertible can also be
equipped with special Aero Wheels to further enhance the performance of the Air
Curtain system. This innovative feature consists of openings in the outer section of the lower front fascia that route high-pressure air through ducts at each front corner. The ducts
are approximately 10 x 3 centimeters wide and are designed to channel air to
openings at the front of each wheel arch, where it is discharged through a very
narrow opening at high speed. The escaping air stream covers the side of the
front wheels like a curtain, thereby reducing aerodynamically unfavorable
turbulence around the rotating wheels. Air Curtain has a key role to play in the development of future aerodynamic innovations. An example of the air curtain principle was first presented in the concept study BMW Vision EfficientDynamics at the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt in 2009, and the developers of the BMW 1 Series M Coupe took
on the pioneering task of applying this element to a production vehicle. To do so,
they utilized the unique capabilities of the new full-scale “rolling road” Aerolab
- 3 - wind tunnel at the BMW Group's new Aerodynamic Testing Center. Now it has
been added to the 128i Convertible. Distinctive BMW Convertible appearance
In a mere 22 seconds—even on the move at speeds up to 25 miles per hour—
occupants of the 1 Series Convertible can go from encapsulated comfort to topdown
exhilaration. If conditions dictate, the electro-hydraulically-operated softtop
can be raised within the same 22 seconds, producing a distinctive silhouette
enhanced by long frameless doors. The characteristic features of the BMW
kidney-shaped grill, front skirt, door sills and rear skirt are identical to those of
the 1 Series Coupe. The standard softtop is available in either black or taupe cloth, but it is the optional Moonlight Black version which is unique to the 1 Series Convertible.
Interwoven with fine shiny metallic fibers, this distinctive top produces a
shimmery metallic silver appearance in sunlight. The visual effect enhances the
convertible’s exciting range of nine colors which includes an exclusive hue:
Cashmere Silver Metallic. A distinctive feature of the 1 Series Convertible is the flared shoulder line which runs parallel to the road. This shoulder line flows from the hood past the A pillar to the trunk lid, forming a surface which encompasses the entire interior, giving
the impression of a boat deck. The view from the rear is influenced by the position of the softtop: with the top lowered, completely concealed in the tail, the look is flat and elegant; the appearance with the top up is broad shouldered. The trunk lid has an integrated
spoiler chiseled into the rear end of the car to accentuate the short rear section.
On the 135i, an additional lip spoiler provides greater downforce on the rear end
at high speeds. The individual sections within the L-shaped rear taillights give the vehicle a lower, sportier look. Horizontal lights integrated in the rear light clusters offer a
homogeneous lighting effect with the help of light-emitting diodes (LEDs). This
light design, as found on other BMW models, makes the BMW 1 Series Convertible
stand out at night. Also, the Adaptive Brake Lights operating in two stages in - 4 -
relation to brake application force are yet another feature typical of BMW, with
the additional benefit of extra safety on the road. The standard (on the 135i) Adaptive Xenon Headlights (optional on the 128i), complete with integrated cornering lights, make driving in the dark safer than ever. The daytime running light function, in typical BMW style, uses the four corona rings around each headlight to enhance the visibility of the car under
normal and “murky” light conditions. Convertible interior features technology enhanced comfort, convenience Two unique BMW 1 Series Convertible features provide increased driver and passenger comfort, thus improving the overall experience regardless of the top’s
position. The optional Boston leather incorporates BMW’s Sun Reflective
Technology where pigments worked into the upholstery mitigate the effect of
the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Excessive heating of the seats and armrest is
diminished, especially for darker interior colors. The overall effect can produce
surface temperatures some 20 degrees Fahrenheit below a comparable “normal”
leather interior. The standard upholstery is sporty and comfortable Leatherette, which is also the covering on the optional Sport Package’s sport seats with enhanced side support
(Boston leather can be selected for this package). The climate-control system in the 1 Series Convertible has an additional convertible mode (compared to the system in the BMW 1 Series Coupe) designed for open-roof conditions. The three standard modes; gentle, medium and intensive, react primarily to interior sensors, while the convertible mode reacts
less to interior temperature and more to the exterior temperature and sunlight
factors to establish the intensity of the ventilation. Turbulence in the roof-down cabin can be reduced by an available wind deflector which can be affixed to the sides of the vehicle with a few adjustments. The wind deflector allows for conversation at normal sound levels and the ability to enjoy the wide variety of audio and communication offerings which include SIRIUS satellite radio, HD radio, the optional Premium Sound system, and Bluetooth. For
simple and straightforward connection of an MP3 player, an auxiliary input jack is
- 5 - standard and a USB port for direct control of an Apple iPod or iPhone media
player is available as an option. The control console for the entertainment and climate-control functions is integrated smoothly and harmoniously into the dashboard through its soft radii and flowing surfaces. With the optional navigation system, the iDrive controller is
integrated in the center console, following BMW’s characteristic philosophy of full
driver control at all times. Galvanized pearl gloss surfaces adorn the interior door
handles, the glove compartment handle, the radio’s rotary knobs, the knobs of
the automatic climate control system, the iDrive controller, and the ornamental
trim strips featured on the sport steering wheel. Spacious trunk supplemented by folding seat backs and storage bag An active couple can carry their gear, regardless of the season, thanks to the generous trunk space offered by the 1 Series Convertible. Two golf bags will fit in the trunk of the 1 Series Convertible – even with the top down! Lowering the
soft top produces a storage space that is 8 cubic-feet, which does not include
the optional large storage bag that extends into the passenger compartment and
can accommodate two snow boards or a golf bag without soiling the upholstery.
A zippered opening allows access into the storage bag from within the passenger
High-tech suspension with newly-developed differential In typical BMW configuration, the BMW 1 Series Convertible transmits power to the rear wheels exclusively. This concept– engine at the front, drive wheels at the rear – guarantees optimum traction, near-perfect weight distribution front-torear, excellent directional stability, and predictable handling.
The 1 Series Convertible has a sophisticated suspension system with an aluminum
double-pivot front suspension and a five-link fully independent rear suspension in
lightweight steel. BMW’s Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) also includes a Dynamic
Traction Control (DTC) function that provides electronic intervention to prevent
loss of vehicle control, but at a higher threshold before activation. This allows the
driver to experience more spirited driving on dry roads and offers more flexibility
when driving in more challenging conditions such as in snow. If the driver desires,
both DSC and DTC can be disabled entirely. Optional Active Steering — a variable
ratio steering system exclusive to BMW — is available on the 135i Convertible. In
- 6 - addition to its duties as a safety system, the DSC system on the 135i
Convertible is programmed specifically to enhance performance-oriented driving.
The rear differential on the 1 Series comes from a new generation of final drives
optimized for running smoothness and fuel efficiency. Featuring double-helical ball
bearings for the first time, the differential runs at an even lower operating
temperature reached more quickly than before thanks to the reduction of fluid
required in the differential. Electronic rear brake management is always used to
simulate a differential lock for stronger acceleration in turns and low-traction
conditions. The front suspension on the BMW 1 Series is also built to a unique standard in its competitive group. The double-pivot spring and strut front suspension with its
anti-roll bar, is made largely of aluminum and offers an optimum combination of
stiffness and low weight. The stable track control arms and thrust rods, as well as
near-perfect wheel positioning, make an important contribution to the car’s
driving dynamics. M-inspired design for the M Sport Package
Model year 2009 saw the introduction of a new M Sport Package, which is
standard on the 135i and optional on the 128i. Features of the M Sport Package
include an Aero kit for reduced lift at speed (standard on 135i), an increased top
speed limiter, better brake cooling, and enhanced aesthetics while the Sports
Suspension offers higher traction and reduced body roll with unique wheels and
performance tires. Unfortunately, the M Sport Package deletes the Air Curtain
feature. On the 135i Convertible, the Sports Suspension also includes a high-performance
brake system incorporating 6-piston fixed calipers on the front and 2-piston
calipers at the rear. Additionally, the M Sport Package for both models includes BMW
Individual high-gloss Shadowline exterior trim, sport seats, and M branded trim
components including driver footrest, gearshift knob (for manual transmission), and
door sills. Finally, LeMans Blue Metallic exterior paint is available exclusively when the
M Sport Package is ordered. - 7 - Safety equipment maximized for convertible design
The four standard airbags in the 2012 BMW 1 Series Convertible are designed for
the optimum protection of the car’s occupants. The advanced frontal airbags are
activated in stages relative to impact severity while the side airbags integrated
into the sides of the front seat backrests reduce the risk of injury at chest, hip
and head levels in side impact situations. The BMW 1 Series Convertible also
comes with crash-optimized seats with active headrests designed to reduce the
risk of neck injury in an impact from the rear. All seats within the 1 Series Convertible are fitted with three-point inertia-reel seat belts and headrests, with the front seat belts fastened on to the frames of the driver’s and front passenger’s seats, keeping the belt in an optimum position around the occupant’s hips regardless of seat height or fore-aft placement. Also, the driver’s pedals move back automatically with a predetermined amount
of deformation in the event of a frontal collision so that the risk of driver foot
injury is reduced. And last but not least, the rear seats come standard with
LATCH attachments for child seats. The 2012 BMW 1 Series Convertible is equipped with a roll-over sensor, which continually monitors the vertical and horizontal movements of the vehicle. As soon as the sensors register the danger of the vehicle rolling over, two roll bars
are extended in fractions of a second from their storage areas behind the rear
headrests. Simultaneously, the front-seat-belt tensioners are activated. Further
roll-over protection is offered by the optimized stability of the A pillar and
windshield frame.
BMW ConnectedDrive Innovations: Advanced on-board use of mobile
phones and music players. Beginning with September production there are enhancements to BMW Assist with Bluetooth and the iPod/USB Adapter. These enhancements extend the
functionality through improved integration of mobile devices into the vehicle.
These new features are made possible by hardware advances. (All Models)
BMW Assist with Extended Bluetooth The Bluetooth functionality is extended beyond hands-free and phonebook - 8 - support with multiple innovations. Feature support is dependent upon compatibility with the mobile device. RIM Smart Phone Integration
• Mobile Office: The industry-first mobile office integration of BlackBerry Smartphones, a customer can access email, text messages, and notes through the iDrive system providing seamless integration with the vehicle. Safety and avoiding driver distraction is paramount at BMW. In order to maintain the driver’s focus on the road, the vehicle’s voice control system (included with navigation) will read messages aloud via text-to-speech. The
central screen will also display the only the first three lines of text. The full text can only be displayed when the vehicle is parked. Compatible BlackBerry hardware, firmware, and feature set will be announced later. • vCard photo support: Images of contacts stored in your phonebook are downloaded from the device and shown on the vehicle display. When the mobile phone rings, a picture of the caller will appear on the vehicle display.
• External Call Lists: External call list handling downloads the “re-dial” and
“received calls list” at every reconnect of the mobile device and after each
• Bluetooth Music Streaming: Bluetooth music streaming offers wireless
audio streaming from the mobile device to the vehicle. Music stored on the
mobile phone is played and controlled through the iDrive controller.
iPod/USB Adapter - 9 -
• iPod One-wire integration: The iPod connection no longer requires
the “Y-cable” for separate aux-input for sound. The iPod USB cable
supplied with the iPod is all that is required to connect the device to
the vehicle. The music is transferred directly from the iPod digitally to
the sound system via the USB connection.
• Album Cover Art: If cover art is contained in the metadata of a
particular song, it will show on the vehicle display while the song is
• Voice Control of Devices: The driver can control external devices
and select genre, artist, album, and song title with the voice control
system included with Navigation System.
• Mobile Phone Device Driver Update: In combination with BMW
Assist, the USB port can be used to upload new mobile phone and
audio player device drivers. (Release timing for this feature and device
driver availability are subject to change.)

BMW 1-Series Convertible 2012


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