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Image Copyright: Bentley

Bentley Continental GT 2012

We won’t deny that it holds resemblance to the predecessor Continental GT but there is lot more in terms of looks and performance that makes Bentley Continental GT 2012 a coupe to ride. The new sculptured exterior beholding quality and design and in the interiors a well crafted cabin with beyond the standards refinement and use the hood enclosing a powerful engine.This all definitely sounds enthralling and an unbiased amalgamation of class and performance but let us not hurry and take a closer look at the all new Bentley Continental GT 2012 features.


  • Engine: Twin-turbocharged W12
  • Power: 567 hp
  • Torque: 700 NM
  • 0-60 mph: 4.4 Seconds
  • Top Speed: 198 mph (318 km h)


The Continental GT 2012 interior is completely hand crafted under the surveillance of is highly trained professionals, making the interior luxurious, spacious and comfortable all together at a time. The highest quality soft touch leather has been used to create the infotainment panel and dashboard of GT 2012. The surfaced wing buttresses rising from the center console houses the new touchscreen.

Seats of Bentley Continental 2012 are designed in shape of ‘cobra’ accompanied by necessary latest body-supporting materials, so as to provide utmost comfort over long journeys. The new slim line front seats provide 46mm of legroom for back seat passengers and not to be forgotten the same seats also hold 10 individual massage cells. Like this Bentley has taken care of both of its front and rear passengers commendably.

Cabin is well trimmed with soft-touch leathers, wood-veneers, cool touch metals and deep-pile carpets; each of them handcrafted and this makes it more unique. The interior of Bentley Continental GT 2012 also equips new stylish storage device. It is commendably designed to hold items like pen, wallet, keys etc.

The new GT 2012 holds world-class infotainment systems. It features a new touchscreen technology with rich map imagery and a 30GB board hard drive. This large 8-inch touch screen displays audio system, telephone ride, comfort settings and the latest navigation system. For this model you’ll also have an eight speaker sound system employing the latest Balanced Mode Radiator technology.


The new Bentley Continental GT 2012 ensures you highest standards of quality and body integrity. Company took the Aluminum Super Forming technology to create front wings and boot lid. This means no seams or welding joints, all gets in one sheet, giving it a clean look. The Continental GT 2012’s new look is crisper, bolder and decent. The classic Bentley matrix radiator grille is more upright giving the front fascia aggressive looks while the four-lamp format remains same with jewel-like detailing LED day-light running lamps.

The wider track at rear portrays Bentley signature ‘floating’ LED lamps, extending around the corners of the wings. The GT 2012 is configured with 20 inch alloy wheels; however the company has also provided the option to go for 21 inch five spoke wheels.


Company has availed two options in terms of engine. Apart from its renowned 6.0 Liter W configuration advanced 12 Cylinder engine buyers can also go for 4.0 Liter V8 engine. The V8 engine adds to the CO2 emission standards while the W12 give you unmatched power. The GT 2012 is 65 KG lighter than its predecessors and this makes it perform better than before. With its engine producing 567 hp power and 700 Nm torque mated to six-speed quickshift transmission, the driver can reach 0-60 mph in just 4.4 seconds and the top speed of 198 mph. It has an all wheel drive system for optimized drive and comfortable handling on all roads and in any weather.

Apart the model also features Continuous Damping Control, which monitors car’s run every moment assuring you safe, luxurious and powerful ride. Its advanced technology also assists you by taking the car to ‘V-Max’ mode for enhanced stability at high speeds.

About the price of Bentley Continental GT 2012, it ink’s down a good $139,731.

Bentley Continental GT 2012


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