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Audi Prologue Concept 2014 Review

At the 2014 Los Angeles Auto show Audi pulled the curtains off from its most radical machine Audi Prologue Concept 2014. Designed by its new Head of Design, concept is focused to create benchmark for the cars of coming generation. Upon very first glance the leaner and crispier exterior design will blow your heads off and in no time the Audi Prologue concept 2014 will drag your senses towards it. Let us see what all company has encapsulated in the concept to make this future of automobile industry.


  • Length: 200.4 in
  • Width: 76.8 in
  • Height: 55.2 in
  • Wheelbase: 115.2 in
  • Engine: 4.0 biturbo V8 TFSI
  • Power: 650 HP
  • Torque: 750 nm
  • 0-62 mph: 3.7 seconds
  • Transmission: Eight-speed tiptronic


The interior of Audi Prologue Concept will give you the glimpse of future comfort, luxury and riding experience. Door trim and dash gets integrated air vents covered by perforated metal panels. Seats, armrest located in center and doors will treat your every touch with ‘passion’ leather, much softer than the normally found leather. Large dashboard featuring open and flat traits in it holds a larger steering wheel. While the main portion of dashboard is an LCD unit, it has been very well divided for both driver and passenger. The driver side portrays a driver oriented infotainment system featuring all vital information and convenience functions while the passenger side fulfils other purposes. Both these units are interconnected and thus allow the passenger to set the GPS routes and send them to driver to mark the glory on allocated path. Apart from these two, right in front of shifter is located another LCD giving glimpse of rest of controls like climate and input features. These screens unlike most found till date, lay flat when car is off and as soon as engine runs, they take their position to serve their purpose.


Each and every shape and edge in making of Audi Prologue Concept 2014 exterior holds a reason behind. Model breaks the tradition and this time comes with a lower nose. Wide grille with sharp angles and more aggression glorifies the front fascia. Headlamps get redesigned with a short, sharp and touch of crispier art giving all credit to Matrix laser lighting technology. These lightweight lights are not just interesting but give a commendable look, complimenting very well, to the grille and lower nose. All new wide air intakes beneath headlights are too remarkable. Side look steals your attention portraying ten spoke 22” alloy wheels wrapped around by sportive rubber. Turning to the rear fascia of Audi Prologue Concept 2014, a taillight is located right on top of rear window, taking its full length.


Audi Prologue Concept gets its power through a 4.0 TFSI engine that delivers output of 650 hp and peak torque of 750 nm. The Prologue Concept 2014 according to company is capable of reaching 62mph from standstill in 3.7 seconds. Mated to an eight-speed tiptronic transmission Audi Prologue Concept 2014 comes with a Quattro All Wheel Drive System.

Audi Prologue Concept 2014


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