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Audi A5 2013

The Audi A5 coupe was launched in 2007, but till date, it remains one of the finely designed coupe in the market. With sales of more than 335,000 units till today around the world, it seems, auto lovers just can't get enough of this vehicle. To tickle the taste buds of A5 lovers even further, Audi unveiled a mid-life upgrade version of the A5, which they are calling 2013 Audi A5.

The mid-life facelift adds new styling elements, powerplant and technology to the car. The most noticeable changes in the A5 are at its face, which in an uncanny way resembles what we see in the 2012 Audi A6. This is true especially for the grille and the lights. The 2013 A5 will have new headlights (with optional Xenon plus technology), a much more chiseled hood, lower air-intakes, lower taillights, new set of fog lights and a revised grille. Although Audi claimed that the new A5 has been designed to give it a more “dynamic look”, it seems that dynamism has got lost somewhat in the overall appearance.

In the US, the 2013 A5 will have a 2.0 TFSI 4-cyinder engine with a peak power of 221 HP. Rest of the world will be able to choose from a variety of six engines, including two gas and four diesel engines. The gas engines includes 1.8T 177 HP and a 3.0 272 HP engines, while the four diesel engines will include one 2.0T 177 HP engine and three 3.0 liter V6s ranging from 204 HP to 245 HP.

On the inside, the new A5 sports a refreshing look, with a new multifuctional steering wheel (optional flat bottom wheel also available), transmission lever, AC controls, ignition key, and drive select system button. Nothing has been announced by Audi regarding the pricing of the 2013 A5, but it is expected that the base price of the A5 coupe will be around $54,500 mark.

As has already been mentioned, the A5 is already an extremely popular vehicle world over and with the facelifted A5, Audi is looking to cash in on that popularity and boost the sales of this car even further. If that is the purpose of launching the 2013 A5, then Audi has well and truly hit a home run with this vehicle.

Audi A5 2013


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