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Image Copyright: Abt-Sportsline

ABT Volkswagen Polo V 2009

ABT Sportsline has unveiled their Volkswagen Polo V upgrade program at the Frankfurt Motor Show, which offers both visual and performance upgrades.

ABT has taken the factory 1.6 TDI and given it several choices of power. The 55kW (75hp) motor now makes 66kW (90hp) while the 66kW (90hp) goes up to 81kW (110hp). For the 77kW (105hp) model power is increased to 96kW (130hp). Not even the smallest 1.2 TSI could be spared ABT treatment as it goes from 77kW (105hp) to a preppy 96kW (130hp).

The ABT Volkswagen Polo V aerodynamics package includes a rear skirt and ABT 2-pipe rear muffler and a rear wing both with a carbon look. The ABT Volkswagen Polo V sits on 18 inch titanium-colored rims and comes with a custom suspension.

Nice, small and a true sportsman – the ABT Polo

The new Polo is an impressive vehicle: Its processing and technology set standards in the small car class – and that is the reason why the worldwide largest tuner of vehicles from the Volkswagen group turned his attention to the Polo. The result is a little sports car in a form which makes a man's heart beat faster. And which women will also love. From the outside the small car from Bavaria exudes character, the rear spoiler and rear apron insert – both in the expressive carbon look and the double-pipe exhaust make it look bold and dominant. The titan-coloured type Z 8x18 inch ABT wheels suit the car well. In the area of the underside of the door decals with the ABT logo show that the Polo is a pure thoroughbred from the Allgaeu sports car family.

ABT Sportsline of course also offers performance improvements for the Polo. They can give an extra kick to all turbo engines: The 1.6 TDI is available in different output levels – starting at the series standard engine. For example with ABT POWER, 75 HP (55 kW) is converted into 90 HP (66 kW), and after ABT treatment the 90 HP engine provides
110 HP (81 kW) and the 105 HP (77 kW) diesel engine is increased to a sporty
130 HP (96 kW). The extremely economical 1.2 TSI also provides 130 HP or 96 kW
(series standard: 105 HP / 77 kW). The fuel consumption values – and thereby also the
CO2 emissions – remain at the level of the series engine. The tuner recommends to use ABT springs for an extra amount of dynamism. Doing so lowers the centre of gravity of the vehicle, and the Polo lies better and safer on the road. The smallest ABT is thereby not inferior to its larger siblings in any way, and offers optimum driving enjoyment with maximum everyday usability.

The new ABT Polo – data and facts



Engine:                                     1.2 TSI, 1198 ccm cubic capacity
Performance tuning:                ABT POWER
Performance:                           130 HP/96 kW (standard: 105 HP/77 kW)

Engine:                                     1.6 TDI, 1598 ccm cubic capacity
Performance tuning:                ABT POWER
Performance:                           130 HP/96 kW (standard: 105 HP/77 kW)
                                                 110 HP/81 kW (standard:   90 HP/66 kW)
                                                 90 HP/66 kW (standard:   75 HP/55 kW)


ABT rear skirt set consisting of rear skirt and ABT 2-pipe rear muffler (4 x 84mm, chrome)
ABT rear wing
ABT carbon look


ABT Z; 18 inch; titanium-coloured
Available also as complete set of wheels with sports tires.


ABT 2-pipe rear muffler


ABT suspension springs


ABT gear shift knob
ABT floor mat set

ABT Volkswagen Polo V 2009


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