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Image Copyright: ABT Sportsline

ABT Volkswagen Polo 2010

ABT Sportsline is well known for giving new stance to the mega cars, saying Volkswagen Polo 2010 is one of their smallest cars won’t be wrong anywhere. Inspite of this the modifications made take the ABT Volkswagen Polo 2010 closer to its larger siblings from the house. While opting ABT Polo 2010 you can stay assured to have driving enjoyment as well as the everyday usability.The view Volkswagen people had while designing the Polo 2010 was to innovate a model which gives its buyers a class as well as day to day usability with its economic efficiency. The success indeed proved it and if you doubt its success we would just share, ABT never gives its time to those models who fail to capture the market. In the small car segments Polo 2010 marked its presence well and to give it a new height ABT came in with the ABT Volkswagen Polo 2010, which won’t just rule the hearts of men but with its charming looks will also flatter women’s souls.Let us take a closer look at the changes made in it:


The ABT logo at the underside of door decals is a remarkable addition, giving it a sports car look. The Expressive carbon look given to both rear spoiler and apron insert adds commendably to ABT Volkswagen Polo 2010. At the rear again joining the apron and spoiler is the double pipe exhaust which commendably gives the car a bolder look, as if created to dominate the others on streets. The last but definitely not the least when talking about turning a car into a sports car is the type Z 8*18 inch ABT titan-colored wheels. In all we can say that these minute 5-6 changes made in the Polo 2010 impeccably take it to the sportscar family and for this the ABT like their rest of the refinements deserve the accolades.


This is the major part where ABT made changes by giving an extra jump to all the engines of Polo. The 1.6 TDI following the refinements will now be available with following different outputs in ABT Volkswagen Polo 2010:

  • ABT Power delivering 90 HP now instead of previous 75 HP.
  • The 90 HP engine in the previous model gets now placed a ladder above providing 110 HP, and
  • The most appreciable of all is the 105 HP diesel engine which will now be enthralling the streets providing whooping 130 HP. At the same mark also stands the economical 1.2 TSI engine delivering 130 HP.

With all these modifications also, the ABT Volkswagen Polo 2010 stands still at its place in terms of economical and environmental efficiency.

ABT Volkswagen Polo 2010


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