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ABT Sportline Audi AS7 2012 Review

ABT Sportsline is without shadow of a doubt one of the best tuners on the market when it comes to dealing with AUDIs. The German tuner is offering top of the line packages for a wide range of models including the A1 hatchback, the Q7 as well as the Audi R8. Needless to say, it was about time that ABT would extend their line-up, and the company is now offering tuning programs for the Audi A7 as well.

Dubbed the ABT Sportsline Audi AS7 2012, the beefed up A7 comes includes a performance tuning package for the 3.0 liter TDI engine. Thanks to the ABT Engine Control the 245 HP 360 lb-ft of torque unit can now develop 300 horsepower and 427 lb-ft of torque, but that's not all. The 3.0 liter TFSI engine will now develop 420 horsepower and 398 lb-ft of torque, a 120 HP and 75 lb-ft of torque increase compared to the stock unit.

Last but certainly not least, the more powerful 3.0 liter TDI variant boasts 360 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque, a very notable increase in performances when compared to the unmodified 313 HP and 480 lb-ft of torque unit. The most powerful variant is able to go from 0 to 62 mph in just under 5.1 seconds.

Furthermore the ABT Sportsline package includes new ABT springs, Level-Control, a new stainless steel exhaust system and a new ABT sport brake system featuring 380 x 34 mm brake disks with 8-piston brake calipers.

As expected, the changes brought forth by the German tuner extend to the aerodynamics and aesthetics as well includes a new front spoiler, a set of side skirts, a rear skirt set and two sets of wheels measuring 20 and 21 inches respectively. To match the new rear skirt a new set of chromed square-shaped double rear pipes with engraved ABT logos are available for purchase. The interior modifications are minimalistic and only include a set of four floor mats featuring silver embroidered ABT logos.

Overall the ABT Sportsline Audi AS7 seems to be true to its name since the "AS" stands for "astonishingly sporty", and delivers a tuning package which Audi enthusiasts will undeniably appreciate.

ABT Sportline Audi AS7 2012


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