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Image Copyright: Fiat

Abarth 695 Scorpione 2014 Review

Abarth the race car building subsidiary of the Italian giant FIAT introduced the all new Abarth 695 ‘Record’ and the Abarth 695 ‘Scorpione’, as a part of its new heritage collection, with the customizations from the historical genes of Abarth 750 Record Bertone and the A112 .

The collection focuses on the livery of predecessors with the combination of new trends, material research and innovative technologies.


Apart from providing high level customization and exclusivity to customers, the Scorpione satisfies the desire to live in an elegant sportiness.

  • The Scorpione comes equipped with 4 cylinders in line which provides 180 hp with 5750 rotations per minute and a maximum torque of 270 Nm in sport mode at 2500g / min.

  • The engine provides a maximum speed of 216km/h and acceleration of 0 to 100km in 7.5 sec. The CO2 emission stands at 142 g/km.

  • The Scorpione has a transmission of 6 gears with an efficient rate of fuel consumption of 100km: 4.8 liters on highway and 6.1 liters combined.

  • The car has 7.5”x18” alloy wheels, which are mounted by the floating front drilled and ventilated brakes which provide high stability to the car even at a high speed.

What makes owning an Abarth more special is the Blue & MeTM MAP satellite navigation with a telemetric function on the central console, this ensures that the during the journey the management of the track is properly conducted.


The Scorpione which is designed by a team of highly skilled and qualified engineers and technicians, who take care of every detailing in the procedure.

The team involves customer into every implementation process to assure that every “custom vehicle” is potentially different from the other.

The modified tract in the middle and the bonnet in the black with polishing treatment in the middle provides the car with necessary look for the desired sportiness.


The price for the new Scorpione rotates around 80,000 $ for standard model, plus additional cost for more specifications demanded.

Abarth 695 Scorpione 2014


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