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2011 Mclaren MP4-12C Videos

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Mclaren MP4 12C Videos Car Wallpaper

McLaren Automotive has released two new McLaren MP4-12C videos featuring Ron Dennis, McLaren Automotive Chairman and Antony Sheriff, McLaren Managing Director. They both talk and walkaround for the company's latest creation, the McLaren MP4-12C. Ron Dennis confirms the McLaren MP4-12C is just the first in a new line of models, while Antony Sheriff explains how the new company's new car is different than the other models in the segment.

Watch the new McLaren MP4-12C videos after the jump.


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Ron Dennis, McLaren Automotive Chairman - McLaren MP4-12C

Antony Sheriff, McLaren Managing Director with McLaren MP4-12C

2011 Mclaren MP4-12C Videos


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