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2010 Citroen C3

The all new 2010 Citroen C3 is now officially revealed by the French automaker showing off a striking design and many new features. The new generation C3 is far more aggressive than previous model. It is pretty funky as all Citroens are, but because of some nice detailing it looks very elegant, which is a rare treat in the world of small hatchbacks.

As for the engines, at launch itíll be available with a 1.6 liter HDi diesel developing 90 hp and CO2 level of only 99g/km, a 1.4 liter VTi petrol with 95 hp, a 1.6 liter petrol with 120 hp and at the top of the range a 110 hp HDi engine. Form 2011 a new range of petrol and diesel engines, plus the Start/Stop system will be added.

New CitroŽn C3 Ė Visiodrive

Beautiful, young, intelligent. The new C3 by CitroŽn.

Coming out in November 2009, the new CitroŽn C3 has a strong ambition: to replace a bestseller that has sold more than 2 million units. "This is a major renewal for the Marque and gives us the wherewithal to achieve our target of increasing market share even more, among both individual and corporate customers," says Frťdťric Banzet, Managing Director of CitroŽn.

The winning formula: take the best of the CitroŽn C3 and make it even better. The new CitroŽn C3 is packed with seductive features: tauter styling, high-class trim, intelligent architecture creating exceptional interior space in what is still one of the most compact vehicles on the market, and superior on-board comfort and road handling, both in the city and on the open road. With the most advanced features in the segment, the new CitroŽn C3 will be ideal as the main family car or core fleet vehicle.

But that's not all. The Zenith windscreen makes the new CitroŽn C3 unique. As well as drenching the cabin in light and expanding visibility, this windscreen introduces passengers of our Visiodrive to a new driving experience. "With the new C3, CitroŽn is opening up a new automobile universe. A universe where reason and responsibility leave room for new driving pleasure. And new sensations," says Vincent Besson, Products and Markets, CitroŽn.

These quality features are confirmed in the design and manufacturing of the new CitroŽn C3. Made in France , on the industrial sites of Aulnay and Poissy, the new vehicle meets high quality standards, both new and over time. To guarantee optimum reliability, and iron out the last imperfections, it will be put through more than 2 million kilometers of on-road testing before the market release.

A Unique, Alluring Personality

The new CitroŽn C3 is asserting its personality. The recognizable protective roundness of its predecessor is given a sportier edge with tauter, smoother lines. Exciting with a gentle touch: the essence of seduction.

The styling and refinement of the new CitroŽn C3 are seductive. The materials are high class, such as the thermo-coated dash, highlighted by a cross strip in satin gray or gloss brushed aluminium, and chrome detailing. The new C3 takes trim level and quality to a new dimension. This is illustrated perfectly by care with gap and flush, attention to every detail and robust design.

Intelligent Architecture

The new CitroŽn C3 is one of the most compact vehicles in its segment. With a length of 3.94 m, a width of 1.71 m and a 10.2 m turning circle, it is perfect for the city. A compact exterior, without compromising on interior space. The new CitroŽn C3 has the roominess it needs to assert its new status as the main family car or core fleet vehicle. This can been seen in the generous 300 liters of optimized boot capacity, numerous storage spaces (console, glovebox, central armrestÖ), medium-height seats facilitating access and visibility, and optimized interior space offering more knee room. The new CitroŽn C3 is more spacious, but still compact. It's a "real" car, with upper-segment features.

A New Driving Experience

The new experience goes further and gets better with the Zenith windscreen, a technological feat. This exceptionally long windscreen expands the front occupants' field of vision by 80į upwards. Combined with slimmer pillars, the Zenith gives all occupants a sense of unlimited, high-definition vision. Total immersion. As a world first, the progressive glass smooths the transition from the strong sun protection above the front passengers to the standard clear glass for looking forwards. The saloon with the biggest windscreen and the smallest roof on the market delivers more new driving sensations! The new CitroŽn C3 offers more visibility and light, for more safety and driving pleasure.

Speaking of pleasure, our Visiodrive naturally benefits from the Marque's know-how in comfort. Everyone will be extremely comfortable on board the new CitroŽn C3 for all the senses: not just low noise and low vibration, but fragrant and nice to look at, with the many windows and air freshener. A relaxing atmosphere. A great car to drive and be driven in.

The new CitroŽn C3 is a "connected" car. In addition to the RD4 mp3 audio system, the USB Box (USB slot + jack, full iPod compatibility, Bluetoothģ hands-free kit) and MyWay navigation, the new Hifi Systemģ surrounds passengers with sound, as if they were in a concert hall. The system offers not only exceptional sound quality, but comes with a competitive price tag.

Impressive and Reasonable Dynamic Features

The new CitroŽn C3 will make others green with envyÖ with more dynamic road handling, it is as comfortable on the open road as in the city, and has managed to keep a slim figure by not putting on any weight! An exceptional achievement given the convincing increase in comfort and interior space. This weight control, combined with optimized aerodynamics (a Cx of 0.30), the new C3 manages its fuel consumption and CO2 emissions intelligently. Right from launch, it will come in a version emitting 99 g/km of CO2, with the HDi 90 DPFS engine.

That expertise in managing fuel consumption will reach a new stage with the arrival of new powerplants in 2011, incorporating second-generation Stop & Start. Coupled with five- and six-speed electronic gearboxes, they will equip diesel versions emitting only 95 and 90 g/km of CO2. In short, the new generation of three-cylinder engines will enable versions emitting less than 100 g/km of CO2.

2010 Citroen C3


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