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2009 Nuovo Fiat Sedici

Fiat Sedici renews model. Has approved two new Euro 5 engines (petrol 1.6 16v 120 hp and diesel 2.0 16v Multijet 16v 135 bhp) that arise at the top of its category in terms of CO2 emissions.

It is a compact SUV, is suitable in use off-road and, above all, a practical use in the city. Has a particular transmission and adaptable on-demand "that gives the driver the freedom to move from a 4x2 to pull a 4x4.

New Fiat Sedici

Fiat revamps the Sedici model in terms of style and engines: in fact now, it is even more environmentally friendly thanks to two new Euro 5 compliant engines (the petrol 120 HP 1.6 16v and diesel 135 HP 2.0 16v Multijet 16v), putting it at the top of the class as regards CO2 emissions. Renewed in terms of both interior and exterior style, in perfect harmony with the Fiat family feeling introduced with the Grande Punto and Bravo models, the New Sedici is the perfect answer for those looking for a compact SUV, with strong aesthetic qualities, equally at home in both the off-road and city environments, all focused on providing maximum safety and environmental protection.

The New Sedici lends the range of Fiat products a consistency and modernness, thanks to a design more in keeping with that of the other models we offer and more similar to the world of off-road vehicles states Roberto Giolito, Fiat & Abarth Style Director - Today, the appearance of the new model incorporates a series of details that immediately refer to the modern crossovers, with a solution that is trend-proof and destined to last a long time. All the elements contribute to the car's personality, though individually they have a specific function and are geared toward "hassle-free" use. Indeed this is the mission of the New Sedici, moving from areas where agility is key, like in city traffic, to the more demanding uneven ground or low grip surfaces. For this reason, the new design makes the Sedici even more tailored to diverse use, and yet more distinguishable from the rest of the offering in this specific segment.

The heir to a successful model from launch day up until today it has recorded 74,000 registrations (of which roughly 44,000 in Italy, where the Fiat Sedici 4x4 is the most widely sold off-road vehicle in absolute terms Source: UNRAE) the new SUV from Fiat has been designed and built for those who want to set themselves apart with a refined car, thanks to an elegant profile and who, at the same time, are looking for a compact, manageable and safe vehicle capable of handling city traffic with ease (the New Sedici is 411 cm long, 176 cm wide, 162 cm high, with a 250 cm wheelbase). In addition, the new model allows customers to enjoy their leisure time, in particular, nature-lovers who want to satisfy their thirst for adventure and challenge: this is due to its all-terrain look and special adaptive and on-demand four wheel drive system which allows the driver to switch from 4x2 wheel drive to 4x4, thus involving lower fuel consumption compared with other off-road vehicles in this category.

The customer can choose between three versions (Dynamic, Emotion and Experience), two drive systems (4x2 and 4x4), 8 bodywork colours and two new engines, the petrol 120 HP 1.6 16v and the 135 HP 2.0 Multijet, the latter equipped with DPF as standard (particulate filter). The on-the-road prices for the petrol 120 HP 1.6 16v model start from 18,350 Euro for the 4x2 and from 20,350 Euro for the 4x4, while for the 135 HP 2.0 Multijet, prices start from 21,350 Euro for the 4x2 version and 23,350 Euro for the 4x4 model. In addition, the New Sedici comes with a 3-year guarantee.

2009 Nuovo Fiat Sedici


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