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Honda NC700X 2012

The Honda NC700x 2012 offers comfort and plenty of storage for the long drives. Seeking to become an adverture-bike, the 2012 NC700X provides all-new engine tuned to perform, plus light and nimble handling - thanks to a chassis design that emphasizes mass centralization and a low center of gravity. The NC700X will be available in summer 2012 with the price tag of $6,999 & up.

Honda kicks off the new year with another 2012 model that brings a fresh look to the already extensive lineup of new machines. This latest addition, the NC700X, features adventure-bike styling, an all-new engine tuned for loads of real-world power, plus light and nimble handling thanks to a chassis design that emphasizes mass centralization and a low center of gravity. In addition, the NC700X offers the option of Honda's unique second-generation automatic Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) and Combined Antilock Braking System together.

"This is a really exciting release for 2012 that brings a great new option to Honda's wide selection of motorcycles and ATVs for the new year," said Powersports Press Manager Bill Savino. "This is a fun machine that will appeal to all kinds of riders, and with the option of having an automatic Dual Clutch Transmission for unrivaled ease of use, this bike will open the door to many potential newcomers to the sport as well. We are really proud of what the NC700X brings to the table as a motorcycle, but we're even more enthusiastic about how this bike can help expand interest in motorcycling for a whole new generation of riders."

- NC700X / NC700X with DCT and Combined ABS
What do you see when you look at the 2012 Honda NC700X? An adventure-style bike? An urban assault commuter? A country road explorer? A two-up getaway machine? Or perhaps all of the above? Whatever your personal vision of the NC700X may be, color it fun because this is one bike that offers a perfect blend of style, handling and power for tackling whatever the day's agenda may hold. Credit its long-travel suspension, abundant torque and more, plus a six-speed gearbox or the choice of an automatic Dual Clutch Transmission with a Combined Antilock Braking System. So whether you're new to the sport, a longtime rider or just getting back into the riding scene, the NC700X offers the comfort, ease of use and practicality of an everyday motorcycle that's also surprisingly affordable. And to make things even better, a large array of available accessories allows owners to add just the right combination of capabilities to suit individual preferences. MSRP: Starting at $6999; Availability: Summer 2012

Honda NC700X 2012


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