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Bultaco Rapitan 2015 Review

Bultaco decided to mark its comeback with its anniversary celebration and upon the same day unveiled their new plan; the Bultaco Rapitan 2015. Hearing it from company they say, they have used advanced technology in creating this naked-style machine and they expect this to be the benchmark for the entire automotive market. Well, being loyal we too expect the same from this legendary automaker. Let us not spend more time and have a look at the review of Bultaco Rapitan 2015 and get to know about it better.

  • Engine: Air-cooled electric motor
  • Power: 54 hp
  • Torque: 125 nm
  • Top Speed: 90 mph


Skipping the ancient time Bultaco Rapitan 2015 indeed is a modern tech drenched machine. This fully electric machine brings for you many features that will incline your heart towards it and will simultaneously gain attention of fellow riders. Wire-Spoke wheels with yellow black section on the rims stand beneath the hidden headlights and a supermoto body is all what describes the Bultaco Rapitan 2015. You’ll also find a LCD panel mounted to locate the fuel filler and charging with onboard control. Apart from these, Bultaco Rapitan 2015 has separate storage for helmet and an unconventional front fork and single shock. The Bultaco Rapitan 2015 comes with integrated anti-lock braking feature which increases energy recapture. Here it is to be mentioned that this is still that one feature which other bike makers are trying to bring, however this is something making the legend mark his entry as a benchmark.


The highly innovative fully electric Bultaco Rapitan 2015 rumbles with 54 hp throttling out of an air-cooled electric motor producing peak torque of 125 nm. It comes with transmission which has only one front gear and the top speed of Bultaco Rapitan 2015 90 mph.

Bultaco Rapitan 2015


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