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Below you will find the high resolution car wallpaper for Volvo XC90 2012. You may use the car wallpaper for any of the following widescreen screen resolutions:
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Volvo XC90 2012
Published On : Feb 05, 2012
Image Copyright : Volvo
Volvo XC90 2012 - Car Wallpaper at Dieselstation


Volvo XC90 2012

The brand new 2012 Volvo XC90 is a refreshed version of the highly popular Volvo SUV which was released in the year 2002. The tough looking seven-seater SUV was marketed as a stylish, rugged but still a family kind of a car. The award winning Sports Utility Vehicle is supposed to be Volvo’s third best-selling car and has been consistently in the top three selling SUVs in the United Kingdom. The 2012 model has undergone some minor body design changes and has a rather contemporary look.