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Volkswagen XL1 Concept 2011
Published On : Jan 25, 2011
Image Copyright : Volkswagen
Volkswagen XL1 Concept 2011 - Car Photo at Dieselstation


Volkswagen XL1 Concept 2011

The all-new Volkswagen XL1 SEV Concept was unveiled at the Qatar Auto Show 2011. With the low kerb weight of 795 kg and about 75 PS total power output (48 PS from diesel engine and 27 PS from electric motor), the XL1 aims to have 313 mpg!! In pure electric mode the XL1 can travel up to 35 km before the diesel engine cuts in.  Accelerating from rest to 62 mph can be achieved in 11.9 seconds; the electronically limited top speed is 99 mph.Impressive!!!